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What It’s Really Like To Study At Montpellier Business School


MSc Marketing student at Montpellier Business School, Xu Liang, recently wrote about her experience as a student there. Now EDUopinions brings you what she has to say.

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Why an MSc?

I am a Chinese student and currently, I am in the MSc Marketing programme.

I arrived in France one year ago, I was in the Bachelor programme for my last year, and before, I worked in China for 4 years, and all I got is practical skills from work, and I found myself “submerged” by the concepts that I got from work, and I told myself that maybe it’s time to come back to school.

The Teaching

As far as I know, the teaching method here is focused a lot on practising and I believe this can very helpful in my future career.

They give us guidance for us to start, follow, and complete a project.


Studying in the South of France

France can be a very good choice. I mean… the language here, the culture here… because this is the South of France, people here are very nice, even if I don’t really speak French, I don’t have many difficulties living here.

Montpellier is a city of sunshine, of course, everyone goes to the beach, and we can relax.

The International Dimension

This is one of the biggest reasons that I chose MBS. We have students from different backgrounds, from different countries, so it’s normal that we have different mentalities but the good thing is we can always communicate with each other, and find a solution to get along with each other.


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