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The Top Universities for Studying Abroad in The Netherlands


The Netherlands is one of the most important countries in Europe and certainly one of the student’s favourite destination when it comes to travelling abroad. Apart from famous towns such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague, The Netherlands is also the homeplace of some of the most high-quality Universities in the world.

So, if you are looking to study abroad in the land of Erasmus, you have come to the right place. Today, EDUopinions has prepared a list with the finest Universities in the Netherlands for your next European study experience!

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Delft University of Technology – Delft



Delft University of Technology is a public higher education institute and one of the most prestigious Universities in The Netherlands. Ranked the number one in the country by QS World University Ranking and Times Higher Education World University Ranking, Delft University also is placed in the 13th and 17th place in Europe and on the 52nd and 58th spot Worldwide by those two rankings platforms respectively.

Delft University offers 16 different Bachelors degrees, 35 Masters Programmes and a PhD Programme. The University has several faculties, such as the Faculties of Architecture and Built Environment; Civil Engineer and Geosciences; Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science; Industrial Design; Aerospacial Engineer; Technology, Policy and Management; Applied Sciences and; Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering.

The programmes are offered in either English or Dutch. The fees in Delft University vary according to the applicant’s nationality, detailed information can be found on the website. To help students Delft University of Technology also offers some scholarships for their Master Programmes. Please note the University requires you to apply for one of the courses prior to the scholarship application.



Radboud University – Nijmegen



Placed in the oldest city of The Netherlands, Radboud University is notorious for its high standards. With the highest percentage of female professors in the country, Radboud University also got international recognition in 2010 when professors Andre Geim and Professor Konstantin Novoselov, both related to Radboud University, were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of graphene.

Today, the University offers 14 bachelor’s degrees in different fields taught in English, the tuition fee changes according to the programme chosen. Master’s-wise, Radboud University has more than 70 options in both English and Dutch. A PhD programme is also available at the University.



University of Applied Science Utrecht – Utrecht



Founded in 1995 from the merge of other institutions, the University of Applied Science in Utrecht (HU) is another good option when looking for the bests universities in Holland. Today, HU offers several different programmes in the fields of Communication and Media, Economics and Management, Education and Pedagogy, Health Care and Welfare and, Physics and Technology.

There are 8 bachelor’s degrees at the University of Applied Science in Utrecht, they are all four years long and have options either in part-time or full-time study. As for the Master’s, the University has 4 distinct choices: Master in Innovation in European Business, Master in Integrated Care Design, Master in Teacher Education in English and German. The University of Applied Science in Utrecht also counts with several exchange programmes as another option to study in this famous city of The Netherlands.

For scholarships, the University provides some interesting opportunities for students coming from countries outside the European Economic Area. Those include, amongst others, the Holland Scholarship, the HU Excellent Scholarship (HES) and the HU Talent Scholarship (HTS).



Erasmus University Rotterdam – Rotterdam



Named after one of the most famous philosophers of Europe, Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus, the Erasmus University of Rotterdam is one of the country’s best universities, making it into the top 3% ranks worldwide. Today, it is the host of the largest Academic Medical and Trauma Centre in Holland.

Erasmus University has a total of 21 bachelor’s programmes. Students will find a University equipped with 8 distinct faculties, covering the majority of fields of studies. Apart from that, the University offers a vast range of Master’s Programmes, in a sum of nearly 90 different options. Important to say is that the Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes are taught in either English, Dutch, or both languages. For the PhD options, Erasmus University Rotterdam holds four different specialities in the areas of Health, Wealth, Governance and Culture.



University of Amsterdam – Amsterdam



With its foundation dating back to the year 1632, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) is one of the oldest Universities in the whole of Holland and the largest in the country. Today, UvA is ranked in the top 100 Universities World Wide in the most important ranking platforms.

Its prestigious history also includes six Nobel Prizes and five prime ministers of the Netherlands.

For those looking to study in Amsterdam, the University provides a range of 17 bachelor’s degrees taught in English and 71 courses in Dutch. Students looking for a Master’s in Holland can find in UvA a vast extension of programmes. With a total of 199 options, the University of Amsterdam certainly will have one that fits your academic goals. Moreover, UvA also offers a PhD as another option for study.

Regarding scholarships, the University of Amsterdam has two opportunities for students from countries outside the European Economic Area applying for either Bachelor or Master’s courses. Those options are the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship and the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship.



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