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Instagram: Top 10 Helpful Accounts for College Students


Instagram is probably my favourite social media site and the one that I use most frequently in my day to day life. The app is mainly used on phones to share pictures with small amounts of text to express yourself and show your friends and followers what is happening in your life, and vice versa it can be used to view the accounts that you follow and see what they are sharing.

Some Instagram accounts, however, aim to educate and inform their followers and can be both insightful and informative for Instagram users, therefore in this article we at EDUopinions aim to share with you the best Instagram accounts to aid a student at college or university.

Through articles such as this one, EDUopinions aims to help prospective and current students get a better understanding of university life and through honest reviews left by real students all around the world about their universities, we hope potential students can gauge a better understanding of their dream university and course.

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Top 10 Instagram Accounts for College Students

1. Your Own College/University’s SU

The first account you should follow when you go to university/college is your institution’s student union/SU account. Your prospective university’s SU Instagram account will provide lots of information regarding social events in and around the school and sometimes will inform their followers of any deals/offers the SU provides. These accounts are often run by students themselves not the university staff, therefore you know the information provided will be useful and relevant.

2. @subwaybookreview

This Instagram account is perfect for English Literature and Language students or really anyone who enjoys reading. They provide their readers with a comprehensive review of a chosen book, alongside a quick synopsis with minimal spoilers, @subwaybookreview could even suggest to you your new favourite book. You’ll never know until you follow them!

3. @onepoundmeals

This account sounds too good to be true, but it’s legit, @onepoundmeals really does provide its followers with meal recipes for £1.00 or less. With recipes in the form of a video and with more details written in the caption section, it has never been easier to eat simple, yet exciting meals which aren’t going to break the bank.

4. @mobkitchenuk

Similar to the above account, @mobkitchenuk informs its followers of cheap and exciting meals, but instead of feeding just yourself, you can feed a group of four of you. Recipes are provided in video form and all can be made for under £10.

5. @studentproblems

@studentproblems claims to provide entertainment, comedy, and knowledge for students, which it does in the form of relatable memes of student life. Their posts are both funny and relatable, but most importantly, I think it allows more nervous, or easily stressed students to realise that they aren’t alone, as there are other people also stressed by the same things as them.

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6. @babeswhostudy

An account based on making studying aesthetically pleasing and more of a visual marvel than scary notes to revise from, @babeswhostudy is an account that posts their revision notes, but they are arranged so beautifully you can’t help but feel inspired to revise. Furthermore, the way she arranges her notes can influence your own revision sessions and you can try and arrange your notes similarly.

7. @focusign

Another account based on making revision enjoyable @focusign presents their notes and organisation techniques in a visually pleasing way. If you want stationary, organisation, or revision inspiration, follow this account.

8. @thoughtfullymagazine

Providing followers with inspiring quotes and beautiful imagery, this account allows students a break from the usual narcissism on Instagram and gives them a chance to reflect on themselves. Quotes are inspiring, photos are beautiful, and this account tries to remind you what is important in life.

9. @historyphotographed

A perfect account for a history student or lover of historical facts @historyphotographed posts photos from the past with captions describing what is happening in the photo. Usually, the posts are informative and span from recent to ancient history, and leave the reader knowing more about the chosen subject than they did before viewing the post.

10. @science.feed

Not just for students of scientific disciplines, but science lovers and those who wish to learn will also appreciate this account. @science.feed posts about relevant scientific discoveries today, and generally what is going on in the world of science, while also showing followers entertaining experiments.


To conclude, there are many Instagram accounts which are both informative as well as entertaining which can make your social media experience both enjoyable and valuable use of time. Therefore, when you take a break from work and go on Instagram you can feel like you are doing something productive as well as enjoying yourself. I would advise that you give all the accounts mentioned a visit and follow any that you think you would appreciate in your day to day life.


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