Do´s and Dont´s to survive your first month of university

Do’s and Don’ts to survive your first month of university


So, you’ve succeeded in securing a place at University. You’ve even ticked off everything on the list your mother made, right down to those pesky knick-knacks. Currently, you should be feeling independent and invincible but you’re still worried. Well let me tell you, it is perfectly normal to feel this way.

You’ll find the buzz created by the University and Union around freshers week gets everyone excited because it’s so big and extravagant, but it’s easy to become daunted upon arrival. So, here’s some of my do’s and don’ts to survive your first month.

Do visit the fresher’s fare

It gives you an amazing opportunity to meet new people through numerous societies and their events. You’ll have everyone from the sports society to the reenactor’s society, or from the breakdancing society to the board games society and even the vegan society, basically, if you can think of it, it exists. They give genuine advice and freebies and host brilliant parties.

Don’t- say yes to all the societies at the fare

I remember most of us eagerly rushing around the university in large crowds of newly-formed friends and trying our best to soak in everything we were promised university would offer. But it soon becomes overwhelming and I just couldn’t keep up. I felt like I had to say yes to everyone and everything at these events. It’s not that you’re interested, it’s because you’re too polite to say no.

Let’s say if you’re genuinely not interested in knitting then don’t feel bad turning them down if they approach you. It will actually save them a lot of time and resources this way and they’ll appreciate your honesty. To be on the safe side sign up to a maximum of 2 societies only.

 Do- go out clubbing your new friends

This is the one you’re probably looking forward to the most. And absolutely go ahead and experience what the city offers when the sun goes down. It’s a brilliant opportunity to witness the talent, the electric atmosphere and diversity.

Don’t- spend all your month’s rent at this

It’s easy to get sucked into the party fever and develop a super generous persona, to the extent where you find yourself buying half your year around. Be cautious with your finances because you’ll find that once sober there will be a whole bunch of other things that you can’t afford like your groceries! (Trust me Netflixing and packet ramens is not a good substitute for lunch with friends and the cinema.) So have two separate accounts or even two separate wallets; one for necessities and one for leisure.

Do- pick up healthy habits

My advice would be to get fresh air daily and some form of cardio at least 4 times a week. If you can afford it, even sign up for a student gym membership. Sleep at least 8 hours, I can’t stress how much your body- namely brain, skin and gut will thank you. You’ll find you will have more energy for your studies and ultimately better grades.

Don’t- pick up unnecessary habits

Whether it’s stress or the need to fit in and be cool. Just don’t! I’m sure you’re well aware of the dangers of your physical and mental health, but did you know it costs roughly £3000 to maintain this habit?! Not only that it reduces your athletic ability and makes you unapproachable because of that foul breath. So be wise and think about your future self. Pick up a valuable habit.


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