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Attending University as an Introvert


Physicist Stephen Hawking used to say “quiet people have the loudest minds.” They hold innovative ideas, untold thoughts, and maybe some fears. How different can they be? This question is redundant. When we think of young introverts, we put a big barrier in society, as we separate them from the extroverts, whom we consider to be the “loudest” ones. In fact, we can say that the main difference between introverted and extroverted people is how they find their energy. While extroverted people take their from energy socialising, introverts prefer to spend time with themselves, quietly reflecting on their own thoughts. There is nothing wrong with this! We cannot all be the same. What makes us more beautiful is how we differentiate ourselves from others and the way we put our mark on the world.

University – a new stage in the life of a young person. It is time to build your way to the career you wanted with socialising built in along the way. There are times when Freshman Week at university is not as easy as we could imagine. EDUopinions is going to discuss all of this further.

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A New Beginning


Attending Uni as an Introvert


We come to university with great hopes that we want to accomplish. Often, unfortunately, the desires of young people are lost along the road. Why? Usually because of fear, underestimation, and the way they compare themselves to others. There is no comparison between you and your colleagues because you can specialise in other things, depending on your own skills.

Students feel the need for a change, they want to see something new and to support themselves. Beginnings may seem heavy, but if there is a desire, anyone can move the mountains.



The first week, a mix of emotions and thoughts for everyone, not just for introverted people. Nobody knows anyone, everyone is curious about how it will be at university, but the difference lies in the way you manifest yourself. You just have to think that the university is a new stage where you can meet new people, new personalities, learn from each other and have fun together. So you do not have to worry about being judged, just socialise to find the people you resonate best with.


Attending Courses

Courses will be held by different teachers, usually every semester. It is a good thing for an introverted person because you can get to know more types of professors and more teaching styles. Thus, the student can find the teacher from which they can learn a lot of things. Whether you are taking notes or just listening to what the teacher says, you have to know that you are the one who decides how to learn all the information. ‘Organisation’ is the main word here.



Another Way of Learning


Attending Uni as an Introvert


Often, introverts tend to have certain fears, such as fear of speaking in public and talking to new people. A real help to escape from your comfort zone is enrolling in a student community and participating in extracurricular activities. In student associations, undergraduates can find a new environment, driven by young people who want to bring a positive change and want to put their mark on the evolution of others. Thus, you will be able to overcome your fears and be in a good position to speak in public, to organise an event, to collaborate, and to share tasks with a new team. Not to mention how many people you can meet and how many experiences you can share! You will definitely use the time in a productive way. If you just want to get involved in extra activities, there are plenty of projects, training, and workshops you can take part in. This is a good chance to develop skills, better orientation in your career, and to find out what you want to do after university.

It seems that we have come to the end of our article, but to summarise the main idea of this article, I can only say: escape from your comfort zone. Try new things and take advantage of any experience you have.

Did you have any fears before University started?


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