10 Tricks to Help You Stay Motivated while Studying

10 Tricks to Help You Stay Motivated while Studying


How to Stay Motivated?

Stay motivated! We know it’s tough to study when you’ve seemingly lost all motivation. But when exams are right around the corner you need to just do it. You’ve already bought a bunch of highlighters and flashcards to help you study. Though now you have your textbook right in front of you and your mind would rather drift off to dreamland than focus on the dreaded material right in front of you. Don’t worry because there are some sharp tips to get you back on track fast!


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Set Some Learning Goals

They don’t have to be long-term goals. Sometimes the best way to learn is to start small. So set some short-term goals and do whatever it takes to meet them. But first, you’ll need to visualize your goal by writing it down. Make sure that the intent is clear and not complicated. Then visualize the accomplishment once you achieve your goal and reward yourself once you’ve reached it.

Just Do It

We know there are plenty of other things you’d rather be doing like eating, watching TV, or playing video games, but sometimes the biggest way to motivate yourself is by just sitting down and hitting the books. But whenever a negative or distracting thought tries to creep in, just push it away. Don’t procrastinate, and just focus on the teaching material. Trust us, the hassle will ultimately be well worth it.

Try Some Music

There’s nothing like a little music to boost your learning motivation. Just make sure and choose wisely. Don’t pick a song that’s sad and depressing, or slow and boring. You also want a song that’ll energize you, but not turn you into Tom Cruise in “Risky Business”.

Say No To Negativity

Anger, anxiety, and disappointment will try to discourage you from succeeding, so don’t let those emotions in. But if they do creep into your mind, brush them off because they’re not helpful at all. Instead, embrace a more positive approach, such as how passing this exam will bring you closer to earning that degree that’ll help you land your dream job. A positive attitude will go a long way.


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Teach Someone Else

If you think you have a handle on the subject matter, then try teaching someone else. The path to teaching can open a doorway for you to learn and cement the subject matter at hand. You can also study with a buddy and take turns teaching each other about Economics, history, trigonometry, or chemistry. (Yawn!) We know, but it’ll work.


Create A Memory Trick

Turn an otherwise dull learning material into a cool rap. It’s alright if it’s not Kanye-worthy, so long as it keeps you motivated and the material gets stuck in your head. You can also try turning the material you’re learning into a series of funny rhymes, or creating an acronym out of them like Algebra’s infamous “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally,” where each letter represents the order you must go to solve an equation; parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.

Change Your Study Time

If you’re feeling totally drained and can’t focus to save your life because you’re studying after class and work at around 6 pm or 9 pm, then how about you wake up two hours earlier than usual and study in the morning when your mind is a little fresher? Of course, that won’t work if you’re not a morning person, in which case, cramming for a test might be a better option after midnight.


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Take A Break

You won’t learn anything by hitting the books for hours on end. You need a break that involves more than just closing your textbook and eating a Snickers bar. You need to get up, do some exercise. Maybe walk around the block, or hit up your favourite fast-food restaurant and enjoy a meal for a half-hour or an hour. Just remember to get back to studying right after.

Keep Your Phone On Silent

Tell your phone hush, or turn it off completely. There’s nothing more annoying and disruptive than a phone going off while you’re trying to concentrate on a subject matter. You can always text your friends after you’re done. You could even make this a motivation. The sooner you learn all this stuff that’s right in front of you, the sooner you can catch up on social media.

Look For An A/V Solution

Not everyone can stare at a textbook all day and learn stuff. Fortunately, there are plenty of educational videos on historical subjects, literature, and even more complex scientific stuff, and the dreaded math. So, you can either walk over to the library or check out YouTube. It might clear a few things up and make it easier for you to digest all those words in the textbook.

Stay motivated

There are many tricks you can do to get yourself motivated again. If these 10 tips weren’t enough for you, we have an Ace under our sleeve. We talked before about our collaboration with the YouTube channel Motivation2Study, and if you are reading this right now, you really want to check it out.


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