7 Unusual Destinations for a Remarkable Study Abroad Year

7 Unusual Destinations for a Remarkable Study Abroad Year


Unusual Study Abroad Destinations To Consider When Thinking About College

You feel like moving to a dorm didn’t put enough space between you and your parents, so you’ve decided to study aboard instead. This means you’ll not only get to live as you please without judgment. But you’ll also be able to immerse yourself in a brand-new culture, so you can eventually return home a little wiser.  So here are some major destinations that can take your study abroad experience to a whole new level.



Your school subjects might make you yawn, But Thailand has so much to offer with its rich, religious culture. You’ll learn more about the history behind certainly sacred statues and iconic temples. This will satiate your thirst for knowledge of Eastern religion.

You can also introduce your taste buds to some spicy and tasty, but healthy dishes. Try Kha Kai, mango sticky rice, or Pad Thai, which will keep you from munching on junk food while you study. You might also learn how to become a prolific martial artist if you can withstand the challenges that Maui Thai fighters are subjected to.


New Zealand

If you love outdoorsy student, then this location is the perfect place to stay active. You can go sightseeing, hiking, kayaking, bungee-jumping, or golfing while you take a break from the books.

Some locations, like Auckland, even offer students the thrill of the nightlife. The universities here are also well-renowned for its teachings of the arts and law. Best of all, the universities here don’t just rely on classroom teaching, but on getting students to learn through experiences, which you’ll get plenty of in this fantastic destination.


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This South American destination is often overlooked.However,  it has everything that someone studying abroad would want from its rich traditional culture to several historical sites like Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains, which is considered an Incan citadel. It’s got everything any history or archaeology buff would want.

You can always study in the capital of Lima, which is vibrant and quite attractive to students from all over. Plus, there are countless museums just perfect to help inspire you when you do your research paper.

So, if you’ve always wanted to study somewhere where the climate is tropical, you could trek through the rainforest, and explore to your heart’s content, then book your trip to Peru today.



Don’t believe everything you see on the news. Israel is actually in the top three most educated countries on the entire planet, hence why so many universities here rank highly.

While everyone here speaks Hebrew, everyone also speaks English, making the adjustment period a little easier when enrolled in one of the prestigious universities in Tel Aviv. Haifa, which is quite industrial and offers tons of job opportunities, and Jerusalem, because aside from being hugely popular, it’s also the Holy Land, which has an abundance of cultural and historical significance.


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If studying in a remote part of the world appeals to you, and you love the cold, then come to Antarctica. It’s an ideal spot for those basing their studies off of the environment or geology, particularly given the number of scientists attempting to save the various wildlife from extinction because of global warming.

Plus, with all the snow around, it’ll feel like Christmas all year long. So, go penguin watching, or sail across the treacherous areas of Arctic to learn more about the history and environment. Don’t let this chilly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass you by.



Aside from the fact that you get to see zebras and giraffes in their natural habitat, students traveling abroad will get to experience the Namib Desert, which is home to the various number of dunes that parallel the Atlantic coast.

But not everyone gets to enjoy this unique African region, so if you happen to be studying here, consider yourself fortunate. You’ll also delve into Namibia’s financial and political situation as well as other African countries. In the process, you’ll have to learn the African language, which will look great on your resume. You can also grow while getting involved in humanitarian projects or you might even choose to spend some time living in a dung hut among the locals.



As a student, you’ll learn that this Middle Eastern destination plays a significant role in the world’s economy. In fact, it boasts of having one of the most stable global economies, which is ideal for economic students who might want to learn some tricks to bring back and share with those at home.

It’s certainly a hotspot for business students as well as students who are interested in learning about Middle Eastern history and the culture as a whole. In the process of immersing yourself in one of the oldest cultures in the world. You’ll also get to reap the benefits of the local diet here, which is bound to make you look physically fit, and make your brain more focused for when you hit the books.


Did you travel to any of these unusual destinations while studying abroad? Will you consider any of these destinations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

If you want to immerse yourself in a brand-new culture here are some major destinations that can take your study abroad experience to a whole new level.
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