5 Exclusive and Promising Student Discounts You Can Get Right Now

5 Exclusive and Promising Student Discounts You Can Get Right Now


A Short Review on Different Types of Student Discounts

We all know that in terms of money, being a student can get very difficult. Often times we are supposed to live like an independent person, but at the other hand, getting enough money can be tough with just a part-time job, scholarship or a small financial help from our family. Obviously, paying bills and buying food isn’t the only thing we would like to do. However, these might also be a problem for many of us. But don’t worry. EduOpinions knows that and would like to help you to make your life easier. We’ve done a little bit of research and created a short review on which kind of student discounts you can find depending on your needs!


Discounts on technology, entertainment, and other services

Nowadays, having a personal computer or any other kind of technology is almost a need, but it can also be very difficult to buy one due to its price. Maybe you didn’t know that, but many worldwide companies offer discounts for students and educators. These discounts give you the possibility to save some money not only while buying a smartphone or a computer, but also if you need to buy a specific programs or applications. Companies such as Microsoft, Lenovo, Adobe, Apple, Norton, Sony and many others do offer a special discount so don’t forget to check their website.

Nevertheless, there are also other companies that can make student life easier by providing a discount. For example, you can check Amazon and get Prime Student six-months trial. FedEx or Spotify can also help you to spend less money if you need to ship some package or just have some fun without ads.


Travel more and spend less money!

Usually every city or country offers some student discounts on public transportation. Some of them have discounts by age (normally up to 26 years-old in Europe) and others require a special student card. Remember, if you know you’re gonna travel a lot, some companies have special offers such as 1-month or even 1-year credit cards.


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What does your CITY offer you?

Sports, culture, and education are usually crucial for students. Therefore, a lot of cities do have some student discounts on such things as museums, cultural events, cinema, libraries, but also swimming pools or gyms. It‘s just a matter of exploring all those options.

However, students also have to eat (yeah, we do need something else than pizza or spaghetti from time to time…). At some universities, you can sign up to a student community and have a special discount on food or drinks at the university canteen or coffee. That might be less frequent, but some restaurants or fast foods actually do have a student discount too. The same happens with clothes stores (more commonly online shops, but not always), so never forget to ask and do a little research about what are your possibilities!


What does your UNIVERSITY offer you?

As a student, you might also need to create a new bank account, change your mobile service plans or you might even need to get an internet connection. All of them are usually pretty expensive, but you should know that a lot of universities collaborate with some cell phone companies, banks or even accommodation services.


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Can you prove that you’re a student?

As a student of almost any university, you should also receive some kind of personal student ID card which can definitely help you to save some money. While this type of ID’s is usually used only in one country/city, you can also find some international student cards which offer you a lot of different discounts. One of them is ISIC (International Student Identity Card). Although it doesn’t offer you a worldwide student discount, there might be something really similar just where you’re studying, so remember to check it out.


Useful links

As we’re approaching the end of our quick review on the different types of student discounts, we would also like to attach some extra information so you can go and check it out by yourself. At these pages, you will be able to find a larger list of companies that offer student discounts and, hopefully, you will find those that fit you the best.


We hope that you’ve found the information you needed in order to make your student life cheaper and easier. Nonetheless, we know there are millions of discounts for students all over the world and that’s why we would love if you could share your experience with others.

If you know any discounts page (just like the ones above) or you have any other suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below (where you can also share your opinion about the article). Have fun and save money!

At EDUopinions we know that in terms of money, being a student can get very difficult. We’ve done a little bit of research and created a short review on which kind of student discounts you can find depending on your needs!
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