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European Companies’ Plans to Hire MBA Graduates are Increasing


If you are a recent MBA graduate you have nothing to worry about. You will land that job you are looking for. According to EFMD, 76% of companies worldwide plan to hire MBAs in 2019, compared to 67% of companies who hired MBA graduates in 2018.

US Companies’ Plans Are Decreasing

As we mentioned earlier, globally the number of companies that are willing to hire MBA graduates has increased. However, that number has decreased in the US from 2017 to 2019, according to the Graduate Management Admissions Council, known as GMAC. The phenomenon is different in the European Union, where, on the contrary, the number increased from last year. In fact, nearly 7 in 10 companies plan to hire MBAs in 2019.

Why Do Companies Hire MBA Graduates?

Companies know the kind of training and experience that MBA graduates gain during their studies. In fact, a person that receives such a degree knows how to manage a business from top to bottom. He or she is suited to train people who have not walked down the same path. Hiring MBA graduates is also valuable because they bring the latest business thinking to your organization, create opportunities, understand and have experience of global business issues, and be self-directed.

MBA Graduates

What jobs do MBA graduates get?

When choosing what to study it is always important to ask ourselves what we would like to do in the future. It could be hard to identify something that we would like to do for the rest of our lives, but technically everyone has an idea of what they like to do. With an MBA degree, the career paths available are many. Graduates could work as Investment Fund Managers, Investment Bankers, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, and so on. Some of the top companies that hire MBA graduates are Amazon, Apple, Facebook, JP Morgan, Microsoft, and Walt Disney.

What Is The Average Salary For An MBA Graduate?

Payscale recently conducted a survey to find out the average salary of an MBA graduate. 1,6% of the graduates that took part in the survey had less than one-year work experience and an average salary of $52,872. Approximately 21% of those graduates had between one and four years of work experience and an average salary of $60,779. Those with more than ten years of work experience (33%) had an average salary that exceeded $100k. As we can notice from these statistics, work experience is very important as it determines how much a person with such a degree can make.


Now that we might have convinced you to study an MBA in Europe, you are probably wondering what the best business schools are. If you are interested in studying specifically in Paris, EDUopinions also identified the 6 best business schools according to employers.

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