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Studies Abroad: Find Funding in 2018


Have you examined the costs of studying abroad and wondered how students locate funding? If cost is your concern, you are not alone. Many students struggle with the financial aspect. Did you know there are scholarships, internships, and other resources to assist students with financing?

Yes, there is funding available from a variety of sources. You may not qualify for each one. But, being eligible for some of the available funds can help lower costs. If a student has tuition covered, there are still monthly living costs to consider.
Scholarships can go unclaimed if students don’t apply. Some of those funds can be yours! Let’s look at the different types of funding or aid available to you for studying abroad.

Grants based on need

Grants are “free” funds that do not need to be repaid. For this reason, they are an attractive source of funding. But, these awards depend on specific criteria such as the applicant’s financial situation. Grants do not meet the full costs of studying abroad, but they can assist you with associated costs.

Check out these organizations offering grants to students:

Scholarships and fellowships based on merit

A merit-based scholarship is awarded to students based on achievements, talents, hobbies, and affiliations. Universities, businesses, organizations, federal and state government can offer these awards. Each possible award will have criteria that must be met for consideration.

Check out these organizations offering scholarships based on merit:

University-sponsored scholarships and programs

There are various awards offered by colleges and universities all over the world. If you plan to attend a particular college, they will have scholarships. There may be a strict set of criteria for qualification. The requirements may include but are not limited to age, achievements, and credit hours. Also, you can research specific departments for scholarships. This type of aid can be awarded to students studying a particular field or at certain degree levels, such as Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels.
Be sure to examine whether the scholarship allows for expenses besides tuition. For example,  costs such as insurance, transportation, passport and immunization fees. You may find scholarships that pay a monthly allowance. These are not as common, so if you do locate one apply immediately.

Here are universities that offer study abroad programs:

Fellowships and assistantships

Students should check for fellowship and assistantship opportunities. This option provides students with work experience in their career fields at a university. There are organizations such as that share details of fellowships and assistantships for students. The website also mentions other award opportunities. Additionally, students can contact universities and colleges to learn about available options.

Finding an internship abroad

Pursuing an international internship is another option. These opportunities give students valuable experiences to work in their career fields. Interning abroad will lessen the costs.,, and are resources for locating international internship opportunities.

Studying abroad is exciting for students. It offers opportunities for learners to enhance traditional academic experiences. This article presents a short list of funding opportunities and ideas to finance your studies abroad. It is vital to start planning soon to take advantage of the funding sources available. If this is your goal, you should learn about the options you qualify for and apply early.

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