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London School of Economics and Political Science - LSE Review

London, United Kingdom
11 months ago
Academics and people

I am studying abroad in LSE this year and I have to admit that it is a great experience. There are so many things happening around you that it is improssible to follow sometimes. Arguably, there are a lot things to be fixed, but overall it is a great experience. The professors that you are going to encounter are not always the greatest teachers, but they are so knowledgable that there is something that you will get even from the worst prof at lse. As someone said about students here, “everybody is exponentially smart.” That said, you are going to encounter many different personalities, but all the students around you are smart and that is a huge advantage for your personal growth. Yes, it can be very competitive, but you can learn not to care to much.____You will get a great alumni network and you’ll get lectures from people that make decisions about our world. LSE teaches you hw the world works. I am an econ student (and for some reason I think here is the only place that they put econ high and it is an admirable subject (??), you don’t see that a lot in the US.) But be prepare for a lot of math! I guess its a requirement for you to get in but I am telling you it doesn’t get easier on the way! LSE will show you the ugly side of things, that in the end the choices that are made in our world purely depends on opinions and there is not a standard way to think about reality. Therefore, LSE is a challenge and it will push you to your limits. You will get to think, but this is so obvious why did someone will go though with this policy. Discuss! ____Student sarisfaction is so low in this school, because everyobdy here is so smart and people don’t pay much attention to the small details that make the difference. However, LSE remains a great institution with many opinionated and smart individuals. If you want to surround yourself with individuals that can argue about history and elections till 4am, then LSE is a place for you!

Programme: Economics
Degree: Bachelor's
Campus: London, United Kingdom
Student Life
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