London School of Economics and Political Science - LSE Review

London, United Kingdom
Economic History
Your experience at LSE is what you make of it

LSE is definitely a different type of university compared to other British ones. For one, it feels more like a business rather than the classic university experience which the majority of your friends will have if they go to a campus university such as Nottingham or Birmingham. Despite the perceived lack of student satisfaction, I really think that to enjoy LSE, you need to make the most of it and get stuck in to the university life. Join the AU, stay at halls in first year, meet others in your department, join a committee, get an SU job, go to the LSE events.

This will massively improve your time here, especially if you’re a sociable person. You’ll definitely encounter a mix of people – a lot are here to get the advantage of connections and go into banking and finance but don’t let that deter you. Use it to your advantage and let that work ethic motivate you rather than hate on it like most of us do. The modules are really interesting and the degrees here are intense but it gives a good amount of preparation for the future. LSE is also extremely small so at times it does give off a boarding school vibe – this appeals to some and doesn’t to others. But being in London is one of the biggest advantages so utilise that well. Overall, I’d recommend it if you’re proactive with your social life and enjoy being surrounded by intellectual and interesting people from across the world.

Programme: Economic History
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2019
Campus: London, United Kingdom
Student Life
Career Prospects
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