Inholland University of Applied Sciences Review

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Industries
Inholland University has a very unique approach. The study program is different from everything I have heard about.

Inholland University is not for everyone. Especially when they changed the study program in 2018. The year is seperated in 4 modules. Every module is around two months long. The good thing is that there are 1 week long study breaks every month. There is no tests nor essays. However, we have deadlines for reports on the project we work on at the particular module. There are very strict assessment crieterias for what the reports must include. We also have a lot of presentations. A thing that I do not like is that the program is very new for everyone in the course, including the teachers. Sometimes the instructions are too vague and ambiguous and even the teachers do not know what they expect from us. We have a lot of freedom on when and how to study and which resources to use. You need to be very flexible and adaptive to study in this university. __The best thing is that most of the teachers have worked in the industry and have been (or still are) successful. It is extremely valuable that we have the chance to work with such motivating people and develop a relationship basen on equality. There are also a lot of guest lecturers from the industry.

Programme: Creative Industries
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2022
Campus: The Hague, The Netherlands
Student Life
Career Prospects
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