Student review [68550] for University of Johannesburg

Student review [#68550] for Human Resource Studies
at University of Johannesburg - UJ

Johannesburg, South Africa
Human Resource ...
5 months ago
Ever-Evolving Field Of HRD

UJ’s BCom Honours program in Human Resources Development (HRD) back in 2011 was an intense yet transformative journey. We were a motley crew – some fresh off our BCom degrees, others with a taste of the working world. The first year felt like a deep dive into the fascinating world of HR. Lecturers were like industry veterans with a passion for people development, they brought complex theories to life with real-world anecdotes and case studies.

Our days were filled with discussions on organizational development, training and development strategies, and the intricate dance of employee relations. But HRD wasn’t just about theory. We rolled up our sleeves for projects that simulated real-world scenarios. One project involved designing a training program for a local company, a process that required researching their needs, developing engaging content, and even practicing our facilitation skills. The pressure to deliver a program that impacted the company was immense, but the sense of accomplishment seeing our efforts come to fruition was truly rewarding.

The late nights weren’t just about burning the midnight oil over textbooks. We spent countless hours in the library dissecting research papers, fueling our brains with endless cups of coffee, and forming friendships that transcended the classroom walls. The camaraderie amongst classmates, supporting each other through late-night study sessions and celebrating milestones, made the challenging moments bearable.

Looking back, UJ’s program wasn’t just about acquiring knowledge; it was about developing the critical thinking skills needed to analyze complex HR issues and the ability to translate theory into practical solutions. While the program provided a strong foundation, a more broader range of industry exposure, perhaps through guest lectures from HR professionals or internship opportunities focused on HRD initiatives, could have provided a deeper understanding of the practical realities of the field.

Overall, the BCom Honours program at UJ equipped me with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving field of HRD. It wasn’t just about textbooks and exams; it was about discovering a passion for shaping the future of organizations through strategic people development initiatives. UJ’s program ignited a fire within me that continues to burn brightly in my professional career today.

Programme: Human Resource Studies
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2011
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