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Szeged, Hungary
Molecular Bionics ...
Huge science university with academic quality and

I studied at the Faculty of Science and Informatics, which is the biggest faculty of the university with more than 7000 students (the whole university has approximately 30000). It has several buildings in the city center, close to each other. There is no dedicated campus, but the city center itself is the neighborhood of the university. Usually the bachelor lectures are held for many people (more than 300), and we attended laboratory practices in small groups for every subject. As the university is quite well-equipped, we were able to gain a lot of practical knowledge of biology, chemisty, physics and electronics. The research profile is very strong, the professors are celebrated scientists, and you have many opportunities when selecting your research or thesis topic. The exams are demanding, but students have a lot of freedom in deciding on the dates of the exams. Because of the amount of material and the difficulty of the exams it is not unusual at our faculty to fail subjects and retake them in the next year. The best students are offered the possibility to deliver laboratory practices for the younger students which is a good opportunity to start working on your selected field of study. The negative sides are that sometimes the content of the lectures are not up to date, and we lacked learning about real life applications, opportunities and practical skills about what to do after graduation. Also job opportunities during and after the studies are limited in the city. One of the best thing of the university is the huge, modern library (TIK) which is also a conference hall, study and leasure point, the place for official administration and the general meeting place for students. There are more than 10 dormitories where students can live for very low prices. They are located at different locations of the city, and there is a dormitory close to every facultly. In general the university is the most important thing that Szeged has. One fifth of the inhabitants are students, so anything that happens in the city is somehow related to the university. There are events almost every day and a vivid student life in a safe environment. Szeged has noticeably lower prices than other parts of Hungary (eg. renting, food, fun, study related costs). The academic quality and the student-friendly environment makes the university a perfect choice for starting your adult life and earn a degree that has a great value.

Programme: Molecular Bionics Engineering
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2016
Campus: Szeged, Hungary
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