University of Physical Education - TE

University of Physical Education - TE • Budapest, Hungary

Founded in 1925 as the Hungarian Royal College of Physical Education, the institute we know today as the University of Physical Education in Budapest, or Testnevelési Egyetem in Hungarian which gives the college its TE abbreviation, underwent many name changes over the years. Most recently, in 2014 it acquired its present title when it became an independent institute and was longer a part of Semmelweis University – where it existed as the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences since 2000. Educating over 2,000 students, TE is the most well-known and most established place of physical education in Hungary. It is the only institute in the country to have a Doctoral School in Sport Sciences, maintains an Erasmus network around the globe in 43 countries, and offers an International Coaching Course which includes 20 from 28 Olympic sporting disciplines. The school’s reputation speaks for itself when it comes to sport and results on the professional and/or worldwide stage. Undoubtedly helped by being a member of professional sports organisations, the institute – in numbers recorded until 2007 – has seen 80 Hungarian Olympic champions graduate with them. Of course, a school that generates as many champions as TE must have the facilities to continue achieving this. The university has a fully-enclosed campus which includes 16 sport laboratories and facilities. Several buildings have been added at different stages as the years have gone by such as the women’s dormitory and the gymnastics hall, as well as the men’s dormitory and the cafeteria which were added after the Second World War. 1986 saw the presentation of the 25-meter long swimming pool to the university, 1992 the completion of the much-anticipated water camp, and 1993 the completion of arranging the dormitory complex in a hotel-style. Of course the university also offers academic facilities to its staff and students such as computers and printers, etc.

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