Student review [13021] for ALBA Graduate Business School

Student review [#13021] for Strategic Human Resource Management
at ALBA Graduate Business School

Athens, Greece
Strategic Human ...
Resource Management
7 months ago
An excellent opportunity for people who want to get into Business!

They have an amazing network, both internal and external, so career prospects are ridiculously high. Professors are mostly excellent, receptive to feedback, with very small exceptions (only 2/15 professors I had were disappointing).
They offer relevant knowledge that transcends time in many cases, something that is fairly hard to do in today’s ever-changing world. They much prefer understanding over rote learning, something that is conducive to nurturing critical thinking and intuition over memorisation ability.
The only caveat I would have is over student selection. We had to go through an interview and I think the standards were not high enough, especially in the English language aspect. There was really low class participation, sabotaging the learning experience, due to the extremely low level of English, as well as students from Greek universities who were not used to having to participate in class. I think professors should more actively try to engage students, as well as letting them know at the beginning that this is going to be a participation-based class, maybe even grade it.
As far as the selection goes, I understand that it is also a business that has to make ends meet, but there were 3 people in particular in our class of 30 who could not put a coherent sentence together, much less read the advanced material we were asked to study. This has to be fixed.

Programme: Strategic Human Resource Management
Degree: Master's
Graduation: 2018
Campus: Athens, Greece
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December 12, 2019
ALBA Graduate Business School - Official response
ALBA Graduate Business School - Official response
Official Reply

Dear Philip,
You feedback is valuable to us. It is true, that although class participation is graded in all courses as a percentage of the total grade, it appears that some students cannot cope with the high and advanced standards even if they meet the admission criteria with their Bachelor GPA or English exams score. I suppose those students graduated with low GPA at the end. Thank you again for your time to share your constructive suggestions.

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