Student review [19600] for Technical University of Munich

Student review [#19600 ] for Computer Engineering and Informatics
at Technical University of Munich - TUM

Munich, Germany
Computer Engineering ...
and Informatics
14 Nov, 2021
Bachelor Degree at Bauman Moscow State Technical University

At the Bauman university, the main object of my educational activity was the foundation of Nanotechnologies. In addition to this, I studied a variety of general Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science disciplines including Fluid Mechanics, Engineering and Computer Graphics, Linear Algebra and Mathematical Analysis. I have pretty much experience in modeling, designing, as well as creating drawings in CAD programs (AutoCAD, Inventor and Kompas-3D). During my studies, I participated in the purchase of vacuum equipment for the department, that is why I have experience working with databases, creating macros. Also, while studying in Moscow, I repeatedly took part in student conferences, so I have experience in designing and presenting research using Microsoft Office.

In addition to my University research work, I have published an article, which is devoted to the Mathematical modeling of the technological process of applying a thin film of molybdenum disulfide, in a scientific journal. Also, in the course of work, I checked the adequacy of the resulting model by comparing the experimental data with the calculated values. This theme is very promising due to the important properties of molybdenum disulfide for engineering, but the accuracy of thin-film deposition depends on many parameters such as substrate temperature, target defects and random errors. To determine the impact of input data on key outputs and build the appropriate dependencies, I used Microsoft Excel.

Technische Universität München with Computer Science and Engineering program offers a brilliant opportunity to get excellent knowledge not only in Methods and Techniques in Computer Science and Engineering but also in its application in various Engineering branches such as Mechanics and Electronics. It will allow me to develop and derive new ideas for optimizing engineering processes in different spheres.

Now I am doing Visual Data Analytics course at TUM which is devoted to the basic visualization algorithms used by modern visualization software. I’m going to use Tableau and Power BI applications, which should help in the preparation of business plans and reports. I think it can be useful for representing results

Programme: Computer Engineering and Informatics
Degree: Master's
Graduation: 2023
Campus: Munich, Germany
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