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What is an Investment degree?

An Investment degree helps students in developing the skills required to find employment in the investment industry. Overall, Investment degrees combine mathematics, economics and financial theories in order to develop students’ understanding of banking, finance and accounting. By taking a course in Investment students learn how to use financial tools and techniques in order to improve the performance of an organization. Such a course prepares students to make decisions about the allocation of resources through quantitative and qualitative assessments in order to ensure that the objectives of an organization are met. Courses in Investment usually involve a significant amount of data-related work and provide lots of practical opportunities for students to develop their knowledge and skills in investment management, economics, accounting and business administration.

Other degrees, such as Business Administration, Banking & Finance and Economics, also provide students with the skills necessary to pursue a successful career in the area of investment.

Job titles associated with Investment graduates include investment analyst, financial counsellor, investment advisor, money manager, banker, etc.

Benefits of an Investment degree

Opportunities for online studies are among the benefits associated with an Investment degree. There are multiple opportunities to study Investment online. These allow students to do the required work from home (or any other location that has a Wi-Fi connection) at the most convenient time for them.

As an Investment graduate, individuals can find numerous employment opportunities in different national and international organizations both in the public and private sectors.

Apart from the numerous employment opportunities, an Investment degree also increases students’ chances to occupy managerial positions higher up in the organizational hierarchy. It develops students’ financial knowledge and analytical skills significantly. It also prepares them to make effective decisions related to the allocation of resources within an organization, which is a key part of the managerial role.

Investment degrees are very practice-oriented and allow students to gain experience while working towards the completion of their degree. They get to use different tools and techniques throughout the course in order to apply the knowledge they have acquired to practice as they would have to do in the professional environment. Therefore, an Investment degree prepares students to make an impact from the start of their careers.

Investment Degree Structure

In terms of the structure of Investment education, Undergraduate programs are meant to build a strong foundation in investment whereas Postgraduate programs in investment develop students’ understanding of investment further and offer research opportunities.

The duration of an Investment degree depends on three main factors – country, mode of study (part-time or full-time) and degree level.

  • Investment degrees’ duration in the UK:
    • Bachelor’s in Investment: 3 years full-time and 6 years part-time
    • Master’s in Investment: 12 months full-time and 36 months part-time
    • PhD in Investment in the UK: 3-6 years
  • Investment degrees’ duration in the Netherlands:
    • Bachelor’s in Investment: 3-4 years
    • Master’s in Investment: 1-2 years
    • PhD in Investment: about 4 years
  • Investment degrees’ duration in Spain:
    • Bachelor’s in Investment in Spain – 3-4 years
    • Master’s in Investment in Spain – 1-2 years
    • PhD in Investment in Spain – 3 years full-time
  • Investment degrees’ duration in Germany:
    • Bachelor’s in Investment: 3-4 years
    • Master’s in Investment: 2 years
    • PhD in Investment in Germany: 3-4 years
  • Investment degrees’ duration in France
    • Bachelor’s in Investment: 3 years full-time
    • Master’s in Investment: 2 years
    • PhD in Investment: 3-6 years
  • Investment degrees’ duration in the US:
    • Bachelor’s in Investment: 4 years
    • Master’s in Investment: 2 years
    • PhD in Investment: 5-6 years.

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