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What Is an Art and Design Degree?

It is considered that generation Y is the generation with the most creative minds. Thus, millennials tend to express themselves through various forms, such as Art and Design. 

Degrees in Art and Design aim to empower students to use art as a tool for self-expression. This degree is designed to develop visual perception as well as visual literacy. As a result, students gain practical skills in order to turn their imaginative ideas into reality.  

Unlike many programmes, Art and Design courses improve students’ attention to detail, creative thinking, and freedom in the decision-making process. 

Benefits of an Art and Design Degree

Art and Design is a competitive industry. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be equipped with the necessary skills to have higher chances of being employed in this field. 

In general, graduates from this degree have a wide range of employment options once they finish their studies. The advantage of an Art and Design course is that you are highly employable for other industries too – there are numerous courses that would help to develop specialised skills for specific careers. 

Some particular job areas include – apart from being an artist – community worker, fashion designer, graphic designer, illustrator, advertising executive, and multimedia worker. Many Art and Design graduates find themselves using their skills in marketing, media, or even teaching.

Art and Design Degree Structure

Art and Design degrees are part of Bachelor of Art (BA) Degrees. Courses’ structure and length depend on what type of programme you choose to study and the country where you choose to study. Usually, Art and Design courses are a three-year commitment, although there are countries – like the USA – where you need to study for at least four years.

The most remarkable aspect about this degree is that it emphasises the practical knowledge. Courses are often taught in studios, as a form of workshops. Additionally, students are assessed based on their portfolios of work, which may be exhibited to the public.

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