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The Pros and Cons of Studying in Munich 


Germany has become one of the most lucrative places to study, which is why studying in Munich can be a real life-changer. You will find some of the best universities in Munich. Plus Munich is a real historical place and studying in Munich can be pretty amazing. Plus, Munich is a very economically developed city. There are many manufacturing units hereof precision instruments, optical and electrical appliances, aerospace etc. Just like any other city, there can be pros and cons to studying in Munich, which is why EDUopinions will take you through the same.

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Pros of studying in Munich

1. Top-ranked universities in Munich

The education system in Germany is pretty great, plus the studies are almost free in this country!  There are many top-ranked universities in Munich. Some of them are the University of Munich, which offer 18 disciplines of studying. Then there is the Technical University of Munich, Munich University of Applied Science and many more. Munich is the largest city of Germany hence you might expect skyscrapers and corporate offices, but Munich has sustained its old-world charm. There are many post-graduate opportunities in this city as well. One can study at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Munich Business School, Munich University of Applied Sciences etc. There are many degrees which are taught in English as well.

2. High standard of excellence in teaching

The universities in Munich are known for their excellent teaching methods and one can get the best education at these universities. Since most of the universities are top-ranked, the universities here are equipped with all the latest technology and functionality, with special attention to Engineering, Medicine etc.

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3. Cost of studying is low

Just like the rest of Germany, Munich offers a low cost of studying compared to other European countries. Plus, there are many scholarships grants and other forms of aid available to students pursuing their education.

4. Munich is a wonderful city to explore

There are many things to experience in Munich. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Explore the  Bavarian Architecture, lovely parks and Beer Gardens all around the city.

5. Good Public Transport

Munich is blessed with great public transport. The city is very well connected and everything is pretty accessible here. Plus, it is a great city for people who love to cycle or walk, as the infrastructure is really good. There is a general lack of need for a car and everything can be accessed easily by public transport or bikes. Plus, the car drivers have a good civic sense and pay heed to the ones walking or cycling.

6. Beer!

Of course, when you are coming to study in Germany, then beers are a part and parcel of your time in Munich. Munich has one of the oldest breweries in Germany and it’s really good. And of course you will find beer everywhere you go, you are in Germany!

7. Cheap living costs

Generally, staying in Germany is not very expensive. Plus, you can also work while you are studying and working students in Munich are very well paid. Also, since there are so many things to do for free, you won’t be wasting a lot of money on doing things. But even generally, A nice meal in an inexpensive restaurant will cost you 10€, which is pretty decent. A 0.5l local draught beer at a nice bar for a fun night out with friends will cost you 3.5€.

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Cons of studying in Munich

1. Living here can be expensive

Housing in Munich can be pretty difficult to find. Even though of course there are university hostels to stay, but if you don’t find a place there, then it becomes difficult to find a place to stay. Plus, if you are an international student, then it is even more difficult as you won’t be able to converse in German. Do figure out where you will be staying before you come to Munich to study, as it can be a real pain sometimes. Monthly rent for a single bedroom apartment in the city centre varies from 950-1000€. Sharing rooms with friends will definitely be cheaper.

2. Lack of a bar scene

Of course, there are bars and beer is available almost everywhere, but it is a lot less diverse when you compare it to the US. But if you love beer halls and beer gardens with a more chilled out vibe – then Munich is the city for you!

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Basically, Munich definitely has more pros than cons, which makes it one of the most popular places to study in the world. With architectural wonders, beer at every corner and one of the best educational systems in the world, studying in Munich can be one of the best decisions you take!

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