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Study in Barcelona: 7 Reasons You Should Choose This City for Your Masters


There are so many incredible cities in Europe to choose from when it comes to studying a Master abroad. From hidden-away, historic capitals to bustling capital cities, deciding where to study provides almost as much choice as what to study. Today, we’re zooming in on one specific sunny location to reveal the top reasons to study in Barcelona.

This Catalonian capital attracts people from all over the world who want to access innovative jobs while enjoying all the attractions of a Mediterranean city. There are over 300,000 international workers in the city, giving the area a multicultural dimension, and thousands of international students at the city’s many universities and business schools.

One of those B-schools is EADA Business School. At EADA, students take classes at a city-centre campus, just a few streets away from Barcelona’s top sights. Here in the heart of the city, you can explore the myriad attractions of Barcelona while studying on a practical and careers-focused Master’s programme.

So, here are seven reasons to study in Barcelona at EADA.

7 Reasons to Study in Barcelona at EADA Business School

Why Study in Barcelona at EADA

1. Study somewhere with an international reputation

EADA Business School is recognised by the Financial Times as one of the leading business schools in Europe. Their MBA ranks among the top 100 overall and the top 25 for career progress, while EADA’s Master in Management breaks into the top 50 programmes in the world. So, employers are sure to take notice of your time spent studying at EADA in Barcelona.

The business school also has a reputation for impressive graduate prospects. For example, 98% of graduates of EADA’s Master in Management programme are in full-time employment within three months of graduating, achieving an average salary of $77,692. Meanwhile, the Master in Finance programme is among the top 10 for career progress in the world – and has the best employability prospects of all MiF degrees in Spain.

2. Network with students from all over the world

Studying in Barcelona

We’ve already mentioned how international Barcelona is. Although it retains a distinctly Catalonian culture (including the local language), in this city you can meet people from Europe, Latin America, and Asia, and explore all those different cultures alongside each other.

However, at EADA, you’ll also have the opportunity to work closely alongside students from every corner of the globe. For example, 95% of the Master in Management cohort at EADA is international, and 100% of students can speak two languages. Additionally, EADA ranks first in Spain for the international diversity on its Master in Finance programme.

This blend of cultures and experiences inside the classroom enables you to gain a more well-rounded view of doing business, adding to your soft skills and preparing you to work in multicultural organisations.

3. Experience The Unique Culture of Barcelona

Catalan Culture on Master in Barcelona

If you want to study in a modern city that is still inspired by history, then Barcelona is the place. From unique architecture to modern shopping and a Mediterranean shoreline, Barcelona has it all.

The city is also famed for its incredible cuisine – move aside Paris! In this city, you can try unique cuisine like escalivada (roasted red peppers, eggplant, and onions) and arròs negre amb allioli (black rice with allioli), washing it down with a granissat (crushed ice drink) in the summer.

EADA has a city-centre campus that’s just a short walk from iconic city landmarks including Plaça Catalunya, the true intersection between modern and historic Barcelona. Here, you’ll never be far from a great restaurant, bar, or shopping district after a day of studying.

4. discover innovative technology

As well as an emerging startup hub, Barcelona is developing a reputation for innovative tech. The city is the best non-capital city tech hub in the world, and companies such as PepsiCo, Porsche, and Amazon have recently opened digital innovation sites in or around Barcelona.

At EADA, students can meet face-to-face with founders and professionals who are navigating the world of digital innovation at the Company Connection Week. In this way, you can network with professionals in Barcelona and get an understanding of what it’s like to work in an emerging tech hub.

Plus, students can study on cutting-edge courses like the Master in Artificial Intelligence for Business, a comprehensive, 10-month programme that helps you gain proficiency in AI technologies and develop an understanding of how to employ AI in the workplace.

Graduate industries are varied – consulting, industry and manufacturing, and consumer goods are the top three sectors for EADA MiM graduates. However, a significant number of students (17%) end up working in technology, either in Barcelona or elsewhere.

EADA’s combination of soft and hard skills training, along with the opportunities for students to connect with businesses, is clearly a successful approach for career prospects. Here is what an MiM graduate mentions about it in her review:

An unforgettable experience!

I would 100% recommend EADA. Enrolling in the Master in Management program has been one of the best experiences of my life. Without a doubt, this year has been unforgettable. The combination of hard and soft skills acquired at EADA is unique, but above all, it’s the invaluable friendships you gain throughout the program that make this experience one of a kind. I feel completely ready and equipped to face the professional world.

Programme: Management
Degree: Master's
Graduation: 2023
Campus: Barcelona
Career Prospects
Student Life

5. Make a Difference to the World

Study at EADA in Barcelona

At EADA Business School, the focus is on business with purpose. Every Masters programme at the schools prioritises soft and hard skills that will help students overcome challenges in sustainability, ethics, and equality at their future organisations.

For example, the Master in Sustainable Business & Innovation provides students with both fundamental management skills and expertise in sustainability and change management. Participants follow modules on vital topics such as geopolitics, sustainable entrepreneurship, and climate change management, alongside developing their leadership skills on a dedicated development programme.

However, sustainability and ethics are spread across all Masters programmes at EADA; for example, students participate in a Sustainability Week where guest speakers from academia and the business world are invited to give talks on real-life sustainability challenges.

Additionally, the school’s Sustainability Club brings together over 70 students from Master’s programs at EADA to collaborate on sustainability projects with the business school and external organisations.

EADA has achieved worldwide recognition for its sustainability teaching; for example, the school was given the title of a ‘Transforming School’ in the 2023 Positive Impact Rating, expressing a strong commitment to positive impact across governance, institution culture and systems. Likewise, EADA ranks among the top 40 in the Financial Times Master in Management ranking for ESG and net zero teaching.

6. Create your own work-life balance

Why Study in Barcelona

Spain ranks as one of the best countries for work-life balance, and it’s easy to see why. With great weather, stunning beaches, and plenty of outdoor activities available to students (Hiking? Scuba diving? Cycling? Kayaking?), there are loads of ways to unwind from your studies.

While living and studying in Barcelona, you can also take advantage of lots of incredible experiences during your weekends and term breaks. From heading to the beach (either in Barcelona or nearby Sitges and other paradise destinations on the Costa Brava) to days of hiking in Montserrat or catching a train to Madrid or Valencia for the weekend, there are lots of ways to enhance your study abroad experience.

7. Take advantage of the Low cost of living

Barcelona is one of the cheapest large cities in Europe, ranking lower on cost of living indexes than other popular student cities like Dublin, Milan, and Brussels. In this city, housing can be found for between €450-€900 per month and you could get by with just €250 for your groceries and eating out.

But what about tuition fees? At EADA, you can expect to pay between €19,500 and €29,000 for your Masters degree, depending on the specialisation you choose. This is low compared to other business schools, even ones in Barcelona, where tuition fees can total more than €30,000.

Your cost of living savings can consequently be put to good use during a study exchange. At EADA Business School, all Masters students can participate in a free, one-semester exchange with another top business around the world – so you could find yourself studying at a top business school in the Netherlands or France for an extra term, after you complete your year in Barcelona.


EADA Business School is a great choice for Masters applicants who want to embark on a unique study experience at the same time as keeping an eye on their career. With a range of leadership modules and career networking events, Masters students at EADA can prepare for their future prospects while making the most of everything that the beautiful city of Barcelona has to offer.

If you’re still not sure about your study path, read our article on how a business Masters in Europe can help you succeed.

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