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Montpellier is a city in France, in between Marseille and Toulouse, right at the Mediterranean sea. If you choose Montpellier as a city in which to study business, this is not for its climate or proximity to the sea, but because Montpellier is home to one of France’s grandes écoles – Montpellier Business School (MBS) – and two other universities offering business degrees: Université de Montpellier (UM) and Université de Montpellier 3 Paul V (UPAV).


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Studying Business

When you decide to study business, the internationality and diversity of the business school should factor into your decision on where to study. Navigating cultural differences is unavoidable if you want to become a successful business school graduate. English is the dominant language of instruction, and you should be fluent in it. However, that doesn’t mean that you will only meet English native speakers. Reviews of Montpellier Business School praise its international environment, driven by its exchange student population.

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The facilities are very good and new. Teachers are well trained and involved with students. Good treatment and attention to international students who come from exchange. They hold events for students in a way that facilitates integration.

Campus: Montpellier

A combination of cultures also exists at the Unviersité de Montpellier. Université de Montpellier will offer you a very diverse education, as the provided degrees extend beyond business studies.

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I recommend

This university has a great history as the site can prove and it is located in an amazing place. The courses are of good quality and a broad range of courses is offered. There is a great mix of culture within the university.

Campus: Montpellier

I’m speaking from experience – you can see from the ways students dress and behave what degree they are following. Students in humanities, engineering, or business dress, act, and think differently. Now, this can be an advantage, as the diversity of minds available through the student and professor body at Université de Montpellier, can give rise to new ideas. However, it can also reduce the quality of business education you receive, as the university is not specialised in one field.

If your mind is set to study a business discipline, such as finance, accounting, or marketing, you might be better off attending Montpellier Business School. It is a top-ranked business school in France. Its master’s programme in management is ranked 52 in Europe. Being a Grande École means it is part of the elite French university system. Getting in can be tough, but should not deter you from trying. Attending a Grande École gives you excellent opportunities for your career.



The pedagogy at Montpellier Business School incorporates teamwork and practical assignments. The combination of top-ranked academic education and active learning pedagogy means that you will get a great education.

Anonymous student

If you are interested in the world of business, it is a great university, with a very well qualified teacher and a wide variety of programs where they give a lot of importance to the practical and team work. Besides there are many exchange people, which allows you to know other cultures and meet new people because different activities for exchange students are organized almost every week.

Campus: Montpellier

Studying Business in Montpellier

If you have your heart and mind set on studying business in Montpellier, your first choice should be Montpellier Business School. It offers excellent facilities, teachers, and a diverse international environment.

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