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With campuses located in both Barcelona and Madrid in Spain, and Munich and New York internationally (as well as bases in other locations), the IESE Business School proves a strong rival amongst Spain’s top tier institutes of education solely with its international presence. Now, let’s take a better look at these two institutions.

IESEG School of Management – 4.5 stars, 6 reviews

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IESEG’S Many Positives

One positive which repeatedly appears in IESEG’s EDUopinions comment section is their location – more so their Lille location in Northern France. Students rave about how Lille is a perfect city for students, with one commenter even going so far as to say that ‘student life in Lille is, in my opinion, the best in France.’

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As this IESEG student tells us, he believes Lille’s success as a student hub is owed to the presence of many international students there, bringing an exciting diversity to the city and indeed to life studying at IESEG Lille.

IESEG’s Paris campus is not to be forgotten, either. Located underground at the Parisian financial district of La Défense (specifically, underneath the impressive La Grande Arche de La Défense – a massive arch-shaped building which you can see on the institute’s EDUopinions page), the IESEG campus there is, according to this same commenter, ‘very high-tech.’ Paris is a beautiful city in many ways, but perhaps Lille is the perfect fit specifically for students.

Another frequently commented on aspect of IESEG is its administration and organisation. These elements seem to be a common fault of many universities and institutes in general, yet IESEG students on EDUopinions state several times how impressed they are with how IESEG is run. This student writes how ‘the assistance for administrative procedures is very helpful.’ Although it is not specified exactly the way in which IESEG is so successful with administrative processes, many other universities could certainly stand to be inspired by this business school.

IESEG Review 2

Furthermore, as touched on earlier, the internationality and diversity at IESEG is another plus for students. So much so, in fact, that it is mentioned in nearly every IESEG comment on EDUopinions. This international environment is fortunately not confined to the student population at IESEG; this commenter tells us of how much his English has improved – thanks substantially his teachers, and how, very impressively, he can now even recognise English spoken in different accents.

IESEG Review 3

Whether it be for making new friends from different countries, or for educational reasons, the internationality that seems to be present at many European universities appears to be one of the most important opportunities available.

There were also IESEG students who commented on the warm welcome they received at the school. One EDUopinions comment posted earlier in this article mentions that there is ‘an entire integration programme for new students’ at IESEG. Being such an international college, this element no doubt makes a difference to how students – many of who may be either far from home or away from home for the first time – experience their time at IESEG (and if they will enjoy it or not).

A final significant positive point appearing more than once on EDUopinions is IESEG’s aid to students in preparing them for their professional life after their studies. This student explains what it is that IESEG does for students in this way:


To help students with their careers even after graduating too – as stated here by Prajat – most definitely sets IESEG apart from the crowd.

Other IESEG praise came in the form of comments on the high number of elective modules of study available to choose from, and the teaching methods used at the school.


As many things as it does right, IESEG still has some slight room for improvement. Two EDUopinions comments on the school refer to the limited number of places for students in many elective options, causing disappointment for many. However, as one commenter tells us, IESEG is working on solving this issue and has set up some online subjects as a result.

Another factor with which IESEG students are not satisfied is the student associations at the college. As comments added to this article have told us, students find it ‘hard’ to get into an association, they find them ‘inaccessible,’ and they claim there is little information available about associations’ recruitment processes.

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

IESEG offers different types of scholarships and financial aid covering varying portions of the cost of programmes. Scholarships are available to French, EU, and other foreign students. For full information on financial aids and awards offered by IESEG, please follow this link.

IESE Business School – 4.7 stars, 15 reviews

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IESE’S Glowing EDUopinions Reviews

There are several comments throughout IESE’s EDUopinions comment section where students have referred to the institute as one of the best business schools they know of; that it is ‘a first class business’ school, and that IESE is an example of how business schools should be run. To read the comment section is extremely impressive indeed.

Also mentioned in numerous IESE EDUopinions comments is praise for the case method used by the professors at the university. Like many universities and business schools alike, IESE too uses real-world examples and solutions in its teaching today, therefore producing students who possess superior knowledge when they enter the world of employment after graduation. IESE has its roots firmly set in the real world.

IESE Review 1

Many IESE EDUopinions commenters compliment their teachers at the business school. Aside from being excellent educators who use the case method, are experts in their respective fields, and can effectively convey information to students in interesting and engaging ways, many have mentioned the faculty’s kindness towards the students. One student describes how the professors teach with ‘humility and empathy,’ and indeed another commenter outlines their time at IESE as a ‘fantastic academic and personal experience.’

IESE Review 2

Additional IESE positives appearing on EDUopinions include the time off during the academic year at the university, the facilities available, the locations in fantastic cities (Barcelona, Madrid, etc.), and the diverse student body where one can connect with people from all over the world and from many different cultures.

What You Need to Remember About IESE

Some points to note, while not being negatives, are that for one, IESE is a graduate business school and thus offers no courses of study at undergraduate level, and also that studying there can be intensive – you must be committed to working hard, but you will be rewarded with a first-class education as a result of your efforts.

IESE Review 3

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

IESE Business School, in its own words, ‘grants and manages up to 16.5 million euro in financial aid and scholarships to students.’ Some come with conditions (for example, a scholarship being offered after completing a minimum amount of time serving in the military). Here is where you can read up on IESE’s scholarship and financial aid offers.

This has been our comparison of IESEG School of Management and IESE Business School. Please let us at EDUopinions know what you thought of it! Did you find it useful? You can visit our site here and tell us about your own university experience, we would love to hear your opinions!

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