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Why You Should Study Marketing Right Now


Thinking of which degree course to take? There are plenty of reasons why you might study marketing.

This influential subject is both creative and analytical and opens up doors to a myriad of job opportunities. From social media marketing to PR or content marketing, you’re sure to find a career that suits you after your degree.

The best thing about marketing, though? It’s a highly technical subject, continuously adapting to innovations in advertising and social media. So, you’ll also be equipped with skills for a constantly changing future.

We’ve dived into the study of marketing to tell you everything you need to know about future job opportunities, and why you really should choose to study marketing now.

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What is Marketing?

At the simplest level, marketing is the process of advertising and promoting products or services. This is a very broad definition, and in reality, marketing encompasses lots of different areas.

Some of the different types of marketing include:

  1. Internet marketing
  2. Content marketing
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Print advertising
  5. Search engine optimisation

A marketing degree should take you through most of these subject areas, though may specialise in just one, such as digital marketing.

Why study marketing now?

Best Time to Study Marketing

Marketing is one of the most versatile degrees around, covering skills that are highly relevant for future work including social media and data analysis. It’s a great choice for students who want to study business but from a more creative perspective and future-proof their careers.

But why should you study marketing now? Well, McKinsey considers marketing to be one of 15 occupations that account for 30% of future job growth. They also consider the role of digital marketing specialist to be one of the most sought-after occupations in the current work climate.

The marketing industry is also ever-changing – but that doesn’t mean the skills you pick up now won’t be relevant in the future. Areas of marketing that you’ll cover in a specialised bachelor’s or master’s program such as influencer marketing will continue to gain traction in years to come, and you’ll be ready to tackle them.

The subject also dives into things like big data, the Internet of Things, and data analysis, all of which we know will be hugely important in the broader jobs market looking into the future.

Marketing jobs of the future

Jobs You Can Do With Marketing Degree

There are plenty of jobs you can get with a marketing degree now, but what else could the degree prepare you for in the future?

Even today, executive-level marketers are being asked to understand highly technical marketing software and the digital landscape. In the future, the role that technology plays will become even larger.

But it’s good news for marketing graduates: there are plenty of roles out there in the changing work landscape. With their tech-savviness and ability to use all social media platforms, plus the ability to strategise and analyse data, the future looks bright for marketing graduates.

Some current marketing roles that may become more important in the future include Market Research Analyst, Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, and Public Relations Specialist. However, there are also some jobs that don’t exist now but may in the next ten years. These cover areas like brand identity, bots, and AI.

For example, you might work as a Sixth Sense Analyst, using AI predictive intelligence to develop new products for customers. Or, you might work as a Purpose Planner, building coordinated marketing campaigns for companies that wish to inform customers of their identity, purpose, and commitment to society.

Other jobs might include Head of Bot Creative, overseeing technical bots, and Data Ethnographer, who will learn to read data from a wide variety of sources to create more successful marketing campaigns.

Types of Marketing Degrees

For such a broad subject, it’s not surprising that there are many different marketing degrees out there. As well as bachelor’s degrees in the subject, you can also get study for a highly specialised Masters in Marketing.

Most bachelors marketing degrees will include a placement in a marketing agency or the marketing department of a company. This means you can start to use your skills in the real world.

Masters degrees will explore the subject in more depth, and may even cover more niche areas of marketing. For example, you could study Music Marketing, Fashion Marketing, Global Digital Marketing, or Luxury Brand Marketing.


As far as future careers go, marketing is a promising area. With the ways we interact with brands and companies changing, marketers will be at the forefront of new technology and data. If you’re still wondering why you should study marketing, just think of the skills you could gain on this creative and digital degree. Skills like technology, social media, and data will be even more in-demand in five or ten years time.

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