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What to Study for the 10 Highest Paid Careers


As a college graduate, one always wants the best and highest-paying career right after college. But that’s not always the case. Some careers pay a lot more than the others. If we look at financial security, engineering majors have the brightest future. Students with a scientific or technological education also do well in their careers.

Some common attributes of high-earning professionals are leadership skills along with managerial skills, and advanced mathematical and technical knowledge. EDUopinions decided to do some research and we found out the 10 best-paying careers – which we’ve listed below for you. EDUopinions is an online platform that collects opinions from students about the universities where they have studied or are studying now. We also provide helpful content for students to help them with topics such as study tips for finals, time management, and even life after graduating, among many others.


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1. Doctor

A career which takes over 10 years to complete, but pays off a lot later. A medical doctor of any kind – especially anaesthesiologists and surgeons – earn a lot. Their career never has any hinderances in salary and they also get a regular income which keeps on growing at a steady rate throughout their lives. Many doctors also start practising privately which pays even more.

Median annual salary: $195,842


2. Nuclear Engineer

When one thinks of the highest paid salaried employees right after college, nuclear engineers come to mind. This extremely specialised occupation involves extensive research to create the processes, instruments, and systems used in harnessing nuclear energy. They can work in the medical field, finding radiation treatments for cancer,  handling the development of nuclear power plant technology, safety measures and protocol etc. They usually work in an office – whether it’s a power plant, government building, or a consulting firm.

Median annual salary: $102,220


3. Aviation Professional

Just like their profession, their salaries also fly high! If one trains to become an aviation professional then one can earn $42,100 per year for a Flight Attendant to $151,647 per year for a Pilot. The training period is demanding but after that one can find a good job as a commercial pilot, helicopter pilot, or an aircraft maintenance engineer.

Median annual salary: $151,647 per year


4. Aerospace Engineer

These professionals have completed highly specialised studies which encompass a wide range of technology – including commercial aircraft, military aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles. Their usual duties include coordinating the design, manufacture, and testing of products; evaluation of projects, and designs for adherence to safety etc.

Median annual salary: $64,700 to $107,900


5. Marketing

If one can do an MBA and learn to be a good marketing professional. In-depth knowledge about marketing can help one become the CEO of a company. While the starting maybe slow, it can take you to big heights if you’re a dedicated worker.

Median annual salary: $120,420



6. Statistician

Using maths to collect, analyse, and present numerical data is usually what a statistician does. They can use their skills in a variety of ways from designing surveys and experiments, analysing and processing collected data, drawing conclusions etc. This data is used to support and improve business decisions. A statistician often works in an office environment.

Median annual salary: $54,900 to $103,100


7. Lawyers

Becoming a lawyer requires a high level of education for many years, just like a doctor does. The profession also requires patience and strong communication skills. Once one becomes a top lawyer, they can demand a high salary for every case they do. In the United States, if you’re a medical attorney or health lawyer then you can earn even more.

Median annual salary: $150,881


8. Mechanical Engineer

This is one of the broadest engineering fields and may include work on anything from the production of new batteries, to the design of elevators, to the manufacture of internal combustion engines. They use their knowledge of mechanics, thermal devices, etc. to solve problems. They work in office environments and also go to on-site locations as their job demands.

Median annual salary:  $62,100 to $101,600


9. Business and IT Technology

The computer support specialists who provide tech assistance to a company, to computer systems analysts and enable people to work smoothly also earn one of the best salaries around. They learn a combination of business and IT skills for a well-rounded knowledge base.

Median annual salary: $56,900 to $99,100


10. Economist

This field also requires a high level of research for federal, state, or local governments, research firms, think tanks etc. They provide quantitative and qualitative analysis to study the distribution of goods and services. Some economists may specialise in a certain area, including product costs, energy, employment levels, exchange rates, inflation, or taxes.

Median annual salary: $51,400 to $97,700



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