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The Best One-year Online MBA programmes


Are you motivated to get your Online MBA as quickly as possible? We get it! Everyone has time constraints these days, and this is why a one year MBA programme suits just about everybody. In the next few paragraphs, EDUopinions is going to explore the best one-year online MBA programmes and related frequently asked questions.


Can you complete an MBA in one year?

Intensive one-year MBA programmes are more popular in Europe than in the US and they are proven to provide a better return on investment. There are many one year MBA programmes in Europe that you could choose from. According to, the outcome is the same as a two-year MBA. Since the programme is intense, the one-year MBA is better suited to candidates with strong quantitative backgrounds.

How many credits is an online MBA?

Online MBA programmes vary from business school to business school but also from country to country. However, a standard online MBA programme typically starts at 36 credits and can go over 70 credits. Quarter or semester system can also affect the credit hours of curriculum.

How difficult is an online MBA?

Any MBA requires a certain number of hours per day to attend the classes. Additional hours must be dedicated to research, study, and additional projects. You might wonder how easy or difficult an online MBA can be.

Technically, you may have more time on your hands because you can make your own schedule. However, you may be inclined to procrastinate. So, it all depends on your willpower and your tendency to work hard. It can be as easy or as difficult as you decide it to be, at the end of the day.

Best one-year online MBA programmes

MBA in Strategic Management at Apsley Business School

Apsley Business School offers an MBA in Strategic Management, which is designed for professionals who want to up their skills and integrate theory with practical day-to-day aspects of the business. The MBA is flexible with a focus on students assessed work, rather than the volume of work. This programme can also be completed in 6 to 19 months, with most of the students averaging 9 months.

The MBA is accredited at 90 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System Credits). The programme is delivered online, classroom, or blended. The tuition fees are EUR 6800.

Apsley also offers an MBA in Industrial Management.

One year online MBAs at global business university-Europe

The Cyprus Institute of Marketing - campus2

With more than twenty years of teaching, Global Business University-Europe, or GBU, offers a wide range of MBA programmes online, with a minimum duration of one year and a maximum of three. MBA programmes include Project Management, Human Resources, Global Marketing Strategies, Shipping, Finance, and many more.

Tuition fees are EUR 4000.

Digital Business M.B.A. at EU Business School

studies in germany in english

This MBA In Digital Business is a one-year full time or two years part-time course at EU Business School in Spain. It is also offered online for one year with 90 ECTS.

This digital business programme prepares you to thrive in an online business context while covering relevant issues that managers face in these environments.

You will be awarded a state-recognized university MBA degree, accredited by Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM).

The overall fees are EUR 17400. Convenience and flexibility are key in this programme and online education offers the ideal solution for quality education.


MBA, Rome Business School

This 12 months online MBA programme can provide a great return on investment and can be studied on-campus or online. The programme at Rome Business School is structured so that the students can continue their full-time work plus study on the side. This is ideal if you need flexibility because of work or family commitments.  In fact, the courses are offered on evenings and Saturdays.

RBS offers students the possibility to complete their studies in the heart of two major cities in Europe, Paris and Barcelona, during two international study tours.

The fee for one year course is EUR 15900.

Fast Track Online MBA, Vlerick Business School

The online MBA at Vlerick Business School is made up of twelve courses which can be completed in two years or even one year and seven weeks with a fast track option. The students need to have at least four years of work experience and have an academic degree from an accredited university. The topics that will be taught are Marketing, Corporate Finance, Strategy and Entrepreneurship among others.

The tuition fees for the full programme are EUR 37500.

Global Online MBA, IE University

IE University

This Global Online MBA at IE University is 17 months long and is taught in English. IE offers interactive online learning along with face-to-face sessions in Madrid. This is an innovating and transformative MBA. The intake months for this programme are September and February.

The tuition fees for the full programme are EUR 51200.


As we saw, there are many online one-year MBA programmes designed specifically for students that cannot study on campus and would like to obtain their degrees as soon as possible. Your next step is to choose the one that is right for you, and EDUopinions can help.

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