The best MOOCs in Data Science, Maths and Economics

The best MOOCs in Data Science, Maths and Economics


The world of MOOCs is amazing and vastly enormous. The number of different courses devoted to any matter is increasing every day and it is possible that, with that variety of courses, you do not have a clear idea of which option could be best for your learning objectives. The world of MOOCs is amazing and vastly enormous. In this article will show you the best MOOCs in Data Science, Maths and Economics. All of them are free and have thousands of highly positive votes by online students. Ready to expand your knowledge?

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Courses in Data Science

Without any doubt, one of the best options to get a rigorous idea of what is data science is to approach the 10-course specialization by John Hopkins University in Coursera.

The courses are The Data Scientist’s Toolbox, R Programming, Getting and Cleaning Data, Exploratory Data Analysis, Reproducible Research, Statistical Inference, Regression Models, Practical Machine Learning, Developing Data Products and a final project, Data Science Capstone.

In edX, Microsoft has an excellent program in Data Science, with the advantage that it is officially recognized by them (of course, if you pay for each and every course). Notwithstanding, the courses are accessible for free and they are really complete. Also, you can choose which programming language you want to use: Python, R and Excel.

But, maybe, if you just want to get a panoramic view of Data Science, it will be useful to try just Harvard’s course Data Science: R basics in which you will learn how to do simple computations, graphs and get a sense of what data science is all about.


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Courses in Mathematics

The first thing you should look for in order to learn some math is this 3-course sequence of Calculus courses by Massachusets Institute of Technology in edX. Calculus is the real basis of the most part of mathematics, so you should check these courses:

The content is based on the actual classes of MIT and it has tons of materials and references that can serve as a great starting point to learn mathematics. Besides, MIT also offers a great course in probability.

But, if you want a hard path, you should look for Harvard’s Stat 101 classes by Joe Blitzstein.

They are uploaded to Youtube and they are accessible in the course page.

In any case, a good way to have a look in most areas of mathematics is to search within Khan Academy. This platform has thousands of videos explaining many different subjects and themes in mathematics. You can create a profile and engage in their learning paths getting awards and keeping track of your progress.


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Courses in Economics

There are many good resources to learn economics by doing online courses.

One of the best sources is MRUniversity, the online learning platform of Marginal Revolution, the economics blog by economists Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok.

There are introductions to microeconomics, macroeconomics, development economics and even, now, a course in understanding data. Thus, it is worthy to look for these courses.

Also, in edX, there are great courses such as:

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To conclude, it is good to remember that these are just some courses and these pages have hundreds of other different options to try. This is a time for online and independent learning, and many companies are looking for people motivated and committed to developing complex skills by themselves. MOOCs are a great way to achieve those skills.

We have considered these courses the best MOOCs in Data Science, Math and Economics. What do you think? Have you taken any other course that should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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