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Is an online MBA taken seriously?


Are you interested in studying an MBA? Are you taking into consideration the possibility to study online due to the current situation? Is an online MBA taken seriously?

In the next few paragraphs, EDUopinions is going to explore the best online MBA programmes as well as the main differences between a traditional MBA and an online MBA and help you understand exactly how credible an online MBA is.

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Is getting an Online MBA worth it?

If you would like to boost your career in an existing company or industry, an online MBA might be perfect for you. The biggest benefit is the fact that you can literally study anywhere, at any time. That said, you can keep your existing commitments and, on top of that, take your career to the next level.

Students of online degree programmes receive the same level of education as traditional degree programme students. Online is not part of the name of the degree earned. In fact, online is only the format used to receive your education. What tends to be most important for employers is the reputation of the school you graduated from, the degree you received, and the accreditation of the programme.

What are the differences between an online degree and a regular degree?

Now that we know that the biggest benefit of an online programme is its flexibility, it’s time to highlight what other factors differentiate it from a regular degree. First off, by studying online you do not have to commute anywhere, which saves you time. However, by not going to campus, you do not have access to its facilities, including labs and libraries. You might also have a smaller range of courses to choose from, which might not be taught by the same professors as the on-campus ones.

Unlike what you might think, studying online means being able to discuss with a larger group of colleagues. You might not be face to face, but the virtual world certainly connects more people, who can join the conversation at a later time as well. Many schools offer an interactive digital learning experience, which means that rather than sitting in front of a professor for hours, you will watch videos, join forums, and read articles at your own pace.

Do students like to study online?

Now that we know the facts, it’s time to hear it from fellow students. Is studying online enjoyable? Why is it beneficial to students?

My EU Business School Story

I wanted to develop more in my career. I started searching for the best university offering online MBA. As I am a working mother and I won’t be able to travel and leave my daughters behind all the time. I kept looking for a good university for one year. I was looking for the university where I will really learn something, not have a certificate, and that is all. Finally, I found EU’s website. I started checking the accreditations, and all this stuff. I did my MBA double major online. Now I am on my DBA program. I would like to say this was the best opportunity I have ever had in my life. Along with meeting people from all over the world I gained more talents and experiences like enhancing my communication skills and knowledge. EU has 3 great campuses in 3 great cities. Being part of EU Business School opens to you many doors and seeing the respect and appreciation on people’s eyes. Also, they supported me to reach one of my dreams to teach. Thanks 🙂

Programme: MBA
Degree: Master's
Graduation: 2018
Campus: Online

What are the best online MBA programmes?

Online MBA at Warwick Business School

The online MBA offered by Warwick Business School tops the Financial Times’ Online MBA Ranking 2020 worldwide. The two-year programme attracts individuals from all over the world. If you wish, you also have the possibility to study up to 2 of the elective modules on campus, either in the UK, Prague, Singapore and Dubai. The programme is structured so that you will be able to engage in lectures in real-time or watch archived media, test your knowledge, and engage with fellow students.

Students should complete the programme within two years. However, they might be able to extend the studies into a third year if unexpected commitments happen. If you would like to know more about the tuition fees, contact us.


Global Online MBA at IE University

IE University‘s Global Online MBA ranked 1st worldwide in the Online MBA QS Ranking 2020. Students can customize their course and the programme is flexible and diverse, which is great for those who might have a job and family commitments. Professors teach through simulations, videos, multimedia, exercises, group and individual sessions. Students can either study for 17 months or 24. Requirements include having a minimum of 3 years of professional experience, taking either the GMAT, GRE, IEGAT or EA.

If you would like to understand more about the tuition fees then contact us.

Global Online MBA at CASS Business School

If you are an experienced manager or a professional who is interested in developing a deep understanding of management, organisation and business but also keep your full-time job in place, the Global Online MBA is right for you. This is a two-year and part-time flexible programme. It ranked 2nd globally for corporate strategy and 9th for international business in the Financial Times Global MBA ranking 2020. Moreover, Cass is accredited by the AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. Upon completion, you will be empowered to become a visionary leader and will be ready to tackle business challenges.

For more information about the tuition fees contact us.

Online MBA in Industrial Management at Apsley Business School

Apsley Business School‘s Online MBA is a flexible programme for high achievers. It is usually completed in 9 months but it can take up to 19 months. The length of the programme depends on the study plan. Students will learn through case studies, videos, readings, and independent research. In order to apply, students should have three years of professional experience and a Bachelor degree. The programme is in English, however, research and dissertation supervision might be completed in additional languages.

Contact us to find out about the tuition fees.


In recent years, an increasing number of students has been opting for online studies. As mentioned above, distance learning is just as important as on-campus education. Will you be studying online any time soon? Are you having trouble finding the right programme for you? EDUopinions can help!

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