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Executive MBA vs Online MBA


Are you interested in pursuing an MBA and are wondering what the difference is between EMBA vs MBA? If you are looking to understand which is the right choice for you, or what the criteria for both programmes is, then read on as EDUopinions explains all about executive MBA vs online MBA.

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What is an MBA?

The Master of Business Administration is a graduate programme that prepares students to enter management and leadership positions in the business world. The average work experience requested to get accepted into the programme is three years. Furthermore, a distance MBA is delivered via the internet.

What is an Executive MBA?

The Executive Master of Business Administration is a programme structured specifically for corporate executives and managers who already have a significant amount of professional experience, usually between ten to fifteen years.


Is an executive MBA better than an MBA?

By default, students assume that an Executive MBA is better than an MBA just because it sounds like it is. However, they are both equal upon graduation. That said, there are some differences between EMBA vs MBA.

What is the difference between an Executive MBA and a distance MBA?

The structure of an EMBA differs from the structure of an MBA and the reason is that the two programmes are catered to students at different stages in their careers. Because of this, admissions requirements are also different. MBA candidates are generally required to take a GMAT, meanwhile, EMBA candidates stand out against other candidates because of the experience they carry on their curriculums. A distance MBA is delivered online, on the other hand, executive MBA classes happen on campus. Another difference is that an EMBA usually runs during the weekend, meanwhile, an online MBA allows more flexibility.

EMBA vs MBA – which one is right for me?

Now that you know what differentiates these two programmes, you may find yourself at a crossroad. EMBA vs MBA – which one is the right for me?

If you have a good amount of on-going professional experience and prefer the traditional method of teaching, an Executive MBA is definitely what you are looking for. If you are a working professional that does not have time to go to class and prefers to be flexible, a distance MBA is probably the right programme for you. EDUopinions also covered the 10 online best MBAs, the best Executive MBAs in Germany and in Portugal.

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