Degrees for Creative People, What Are Your Options

Degrees for Creative People: What Are Your Options?


Why College degrees for creatives are so important

By now you’ve probably heard about the troubling statistics of actually going somewhere with a career that doesn’t involve science, technology, mathematics, or engineering. Your parents have probably warned you about it too. When you told them you wanted to be an artist, a musician, or a writer. But it’s your life and when it’s all set and done, you simply have to follow your heart. It’s the only thing you can ever really count on.


What creative degrees ensure greater success for Creative People?

Just because you’re not going to be a heart surgeon, it doesn’t mean you’ll be playing the violin outside of Grand Central. Neither, that you will be begging for a quarter on the subway. There are several careers that have proven to be amazing for all your creative types who don’t feel like wasting 8 or more years in medical or law school, like an animator, interior designer, video editor, print editor, web/app designer, technical architect, advertising specialist, game designer, or literature and arts education.


Become an Animator

You’ve seen films like “Inside Out,” Toy Story,” and “Cars,” so you know that there’s a high demand for digital animators out there and as technology continues to grow, this career will likely explode by leaps and bounds. Is there anything more creative than bringing an illustrated character to life? You can even work in the gaming industry and create video game graphics that are insanely realistic. Just like all those zeroes in front of the 1 on your check.



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Interior Designer

If you’ve got what it takes to consider the way people interact with the lighting, the arrangement of furniture, and color in a room and tailoring that space to meet the needs of a client, then you’ve got the visual artistic flair you need to become an interior designer. Sure, you might start out small, but you could wind up designing the home of the next generation’s Kardashians. It’s all about being an ambitious visionary if you want to make it in this lucrative career.


Video Editor

Companies around the world are seeing the value of this generation’s visually obsessed consumers, so, why can’t you? Do you realize how much of an impact a well-edited video can produce, particularly in the marketing industry? Granted, it’s an underappreciated field, but it’s quickly getting the recognition it deserves, as social media evolves and there’s greater need for content, so you better jump on board the video editing train fast, or you’ll be left behind.


Print Editor

When you notice a mistake in a book, a newspaper, or online article, does it make your blood boil? Well, guess what? You can turn someone’s infuriating grammar mistake into a career as a print editor. It’ll be your job to ensure that the message in a magazine, newspaper or online forum is coherent and grammatically correct.



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Web/App Designer

Anyone can have a website, even for free, but it takes talent to make it look so good that it’ll attract people from all over the web who’ll want to take time out of their busy schedule to explore the site. That’s where you, as a web designer, come in. Using subtle art form and quality digital designs, people will be lining up to hire you to do their website.



Never underestimate the power of a good architect. It’s thanks to their designs and their work with contractors and engineers that make the buildings in every major city look like a futuristic metropolis. As an architect, you’re a creative genius who has to balance finances with creativity to ensure that buildings are pleasing to look at. So, for all you visionaries out there, the world is waiting for you to help bring the future to them.


Advertising Specialist

The advertising industry is an amazing venue for creative minds. In case we haven’t stressed this enough, we live in a visual world. Now the name of the game in advertising paying lots of big bucks to display products that are incredibly attractive along with some equally catchy slogans. As an Ad specialist, you can really get into people’s minds and promote products using the power of persuasion.


The Art of Convincing Yourself

When you first start out in a creative career, you may have the entire world turning against you, including your parents, but it’s up to you to convince them that you have a real future in some of these fields we mentioned.


Like with any other career choice you make, you have the power to either be a success or crash and burn. So, in order to make it, you have to visualize yourself doing something in the creative industry that calls out to you and will stimulate your creative flow.


And remember, you have creativity on your side, so be confident, go with your gut, and prove everyone wrong by being the best at what you love.

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