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University Rankings Not Reliable


What’s The Problem?

Recently, British newspaper The Guardian published an article on the unreliability of university rankings as investigated by Which? University. Moreover, the piece also focused on the unreliability of the claims made by UK universities about their positions in these rankings.

Which? University – an online, extensive source of information for future university students – found that several universities in the UK continue to state that their positions in national and international rankings are significantly higher than they are in reality. Several third level institutions have made and continue to make false claims such as being ‘in the top 1%’ of universities worldwide or make unclear claims about the number of other institutions against which they are competing in a given ranking. Some institutions also make claims with no sufficient supporting evidence.

UK universities take data from sources such as QS World University Rankings, and then embellish their position or use outdated information from past rankings.

A number of universities in the UK are acting like businesses who, naturally, engage in advertising in a bid to promote their services. The problem seems to be that these institutions are engaging in unethical advertising practices and are misleading the consumer, i.e., students. By being dishonest about their rankings, these universities are giving students an untruthful image of what their future may look like.

What Is Needed?

So where can prospective students find transparent, realistic, and unbiased information on all aspects of university life?

Students embarking on third level education – about to make one of the most important and costly decisions of their lives – need reliable, truthful information. In light of The Guardian’s article, students may not be able to trust universities, but who they can trust is the students of these institutions.

Students – both current and past – of these universities have no agenda or goal to make money and so possess the freedom to be absolutely honest with those coming after them. Additionally, unlike staff at these third level institutions, they have a first-hand, up-to-date account of what life as a student at a particular university/college/business school is really like.

What About Student Reviews?

Thousands of students around the world have written reviews about their third level educational experience on EDUopinions. These reviews are genuine, realistic accounts of their time as a student – outlining the pros and cons of studying at many different institutions. In addition, each review on the site is checked and revised by our verification team, allowing only for reliable, truthful reviews to be displayed.

Find real student reviews on where students help other students within our global network and we, the EDUopinions team, ensure all the information you receive is accurate and trustworthy. Make the next best step possible in your education with EDUopinions!

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