Università di Genova (UniGe) Vs Università di Pisa

Università di Genova (UniGe) Vs Università di Pisa


There’s more in common between Università di Genova – UniGe  and Università di Pisa than you think. Both these Italian institutes are pretty similar. Many students praise their professors as well as their infrastructure such as libraries. Let’s see what’s similar between both Università di Genova – UniGe and Università di Pisa:


Positive Similarities

Both the Universities seem to be blessed with skilled professors and it shows in the comments written by some students:

This student certainly thinks that UniGe is blessed with great professors and the quality of education is great as well! Apart from that he also comments on how well the international students are treated!


Università di Genova (UniGe) Vs Università di Pisa student reviews (1)


Università di Genova (UniGe) Vs Università di Pisa student reviews (1)


This student at Università di Pisa thinks that the teachers are very competent and the University has pretty good libraries. He also likes the fact that the information system is great.

Some students at Università di Genova – UniGe, really liked the oral examinations practice. The internship opportunities provided by UniGe also seem to have benefitted the students a lot. These experiences really provide a good, well-rounded education:


Università di Genova (UniGe) Vs Università di Pisa student reviews (1)


A lot of students talk about the well-trained teachers in Università di Pisa. They in particular also really like the fact that students are given internship opportunities, based on personal interests. This really helps students learn and be in touch with the world outside of academics:


Università di Genova (UniGe) Vs Università di Pisa student reviews (1)




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UniGe’s Pluses


Though most of the Università di Genova’s comments on EDUopinions are on the same line; which is already mentioned in the article – some other notable points are the good number of opportunities offered by this University which really help the students shape up their careers. The professors here are also pretty friendly!

Of course, the one theme that runs throughout most of the comments is that the professors here are really skilled and well-trained.


Università di Genova (UniGe) Vs Università di Pisa student reviews


Another point to note is that the international students are “treated very well and the level of guidance and help is really high.” So, that’s a really motivational feedback, if any international students want to study here.

There are also a lot of courses for any kind of background. Università di Genova is also considered a very friendly place.


Università di Pisa’s Positives


Similar in line to the positives that were already covered, it seems like the students really love how competent the professors are in their teaching subjects. They also seem to like the fact that they offer detailed and high-level programs. The fact that the setting of the courses is very theoretical and in-depth is also really valued.

Another positive is the fact that the students can also do internships based on their own interest level is also really admired by the students.

Additionally, students also seem to like the library which houses a lot of informational books and side readings.  

A great positive is also that Università di Pisa also has a nice information system for students where they can find information about exams, University etc.

Furthermore, a student of the humanities background also seems to like that fact that humanities degree courses are located in the centre, which is easily reachable from the central station.


Università di Genova (UniGe) Vs Università di Pisa student reviews (1)



UniGe’s Downfalls


There seem to be many comments on UniGe’s downfalls. The main subject that runs through all the comments is that the theoretical teaching practices are a bit archaic and the University should experiment a little more with practical learnings. One student says, “It’s a theoretical University, it could be better with laboratories, and more practical experience.” Another point in line with practical studies is the fact that there should be a traineeship course so that the students get a more practical idea of what’s out there in the real world as a parallel to the theoretical subjects they are being taught.

Another point raised by students is that the exam programs are not that great. They could be more in tune with what’s being taught.


Università di Genova (UniGe) Vs Università di Pisa student reviews (1)




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Università di Pisa’s Downfalls


There are some mismatches in terms of what the students here at Università di Pisa feel about their professors. While some think, they are really top-notch; some have gone to comment that the level of professors have dropped in the recent years and many of the celebrated professors have retired.


Università di Genova (UniGe) Vs Università di Pisa student reviews (1)


Another theme that runs common between Università di Pisa’s and UniGe is the lack of practical knowledge in both the Universities. Some say that the education here in not in line with the real world. The University faculty seems to be a bit detached from practical knowledge. Also, the enormous number of exams seems to be unjustified, as a lot of them are purely theoretical.

Some students go on to point out that though the libraries are well stocked, they could certainly be bigger to cater to all the students of the University.

One student also comments that it’s easy to find good accommodation near the University, which makes a really great point for prospective students.

There seems to be a lot of similarities between both the Italian Universities as you can see. If you are a student at any of these Universities, please do keep adding your comments on EDUopinions; it might help people when choosing Universities!


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