The 5 Best Business Schools in Poland

Posted on 14/12/2018

Many people believe that going to business school is the best practical choice for any college student, in fact, some parents consider business school degree programmes as the holy grail of all degrees which their children must participate in. Today, EDUopinions has listed for you the top 5 business schools in Poland.

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So, here is a list of the top 5 business schools in Poland compiled by myself, a staff member at a premium writing service:

SGH Warsaw School of Economics

Rated among the top 90 business schools in Europe, Warsaw School of Economics also known as Szkola Glowna Handlowa (SGH) is the oldest business school in Poland with a history reaching as far back as 1906. SGH was awarded the position of first place in the ranking of the best economics universities in Poland by local newspaper, “Rzeczposlita” and first in the ranking of the best MBA programmes in Poland by the Perspektywy Educational Foundation in 2018.

Offering MBA, doctorate, postgraduate, graduate, and undergraduate degree programmes, the Warsaw School of Economics offers 177 different fields of study with new undergraduate level English courses like Global Business, postgraduate courses like Big Data (Advanced Analytics), and Hotel Industry and Leisure Services.

With over 300 students from other countries, SGH is a university that cooperates with more than 200 different universities worldwide.

Kozminski University International Business School


Kozminski University, also known as Leon-Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management is a private business school which has received many international and Polish accreditations. It has also achieved global and national education and business school rankings in the Financial Times and Perspekytw.

Just like the Warsaw School of Economics, Kozminski University also cooperates with over 200 institutions worldwide, from which their graduate and undergraduate students can choose as their foreign exchange destinations.

Kozminski also offers double degree programmes, for example, students of Kozminski University can get a British Master’s Degree in Poland due to its International Business Management Master Programme delivered on the platform of its cooperation with the University of Bradford.

Poznan University of Economics and Business

Poznan University of Economics and Business also called Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu is a state university founded as the college of commerce in 1926.

PUEB has been ranked among the top business schools in Poland by Rzeczpospolita, retaining the third position in 2017 and 2018 after Warsaw School of Economics and the Kozminski University. In 2013, it also won first place in Eduniversal’s international ranking under the “Excellent Business School” category.

While it conducts 14 courses, the main departments at Poznan University of Economics are Economics, Informatics and Electronic Economy, International Economics, and Commodity and Management, all with the help of 518 researchers as qualified as the writers who write research papers at Superior Papers.

Wroclaw University of Economics

Wroclaw University of Economics was first founded as a private business school in 1947 until it was nationalized in 1950.

It offers many courses under diverse faculties such as:

Wroclaw University of Economics also has distinguished employees with numerous research activities similar to the research usually conducted by writing geeks. These talented employees are engaged in many scientific, academic and economic activities and have written many publications and articles in both national and international journals with a little editing assistance.

University of Euroregional Economy

University of Euroregional Economy is one of the universities in Poland that offer exclusive programmes for different regions based on their needs. The university was established as a private university in November 2002. Over the years, it has proven its worth by maintaining a respectable position among business schools in Poland.

The university offers courses in administration, diplomatic law, management, etc. for Polish students while it offers international students courses like business information systems, business administration, engineering management, etc. Through its MBA and inclusion of other courses like internal security, the university has been able to consolidate its achievement as one of the best business schools in Poland. It has also built a good connection with high schools, other universities, and international students.


Business schools can be very relevant especially for people going into the corporate business world because it provides you with the understanding of business management practices to make important business decisions based on cost and benefit analysis as well as advanced risk assessments. You should check any of the above-mentioned schools in order to gain the best business school experience in Poland and Europe.

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