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Study in The Netherlands: International Business School The Hague


Dutch Higher Education is well-known for its international study environment, in fact, Holland offers the majority of English-taught courses in continental Europe. Have you considered studying in the land of windmills? EDUopinions is going to tell you all about International Business School The Hague.

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Get To Know International Business School The Hague

International Business School The Hague is new and what makes it different from others is that all the programmes it offers (from undergraduates to bachelor’s, postgraduate, PhDs, and short courses) are taught in English, which makes it a perfect destination for a study abroad experience. That said, it does not mean that this business school is only chosen by international students, but on the contrary, a lot of Dutch students choose it to improve their English skills. IBSH is also a member of the European Council for Business Education accreditation body. Its affiliates include Link Campus University Rome, Steinbeis University Berlin, and School of Management Sciences Bangalore.

Programmes Offered by IBSH

IBSH offers one Bachelor’s in Business Studies, with many different options for specialisation, including but not limited to Banking & Finance, Human Resource Management, and Tourism and Hospitality Management. Speaking of Master’s, this International Business School offers three different options: MBA, Business Information Technology Management, and International Relations & Diplomacy. This institution also offers Advanced Diploma courses; Short courses on different topics such as Social Media & Online Marketing and Project Management; Summer courses; and Language courses (English, Dutch, and French). More information about those can be found here.

Applying to International Business School The Hague

Before applying for IBSH, it is important to remind prospective students of its requirements. Students must have passed 12 years or more of high school; they should have passed the IELTS test with a grade equal or higher than 6; they should attach certified copies of transcripts, a motivational letter of maximum 1500 words, and lastly, references if applying for a postgraduate programme. Additional information on requirements depending on the programme you are interested in can be found here.

Fees & Tuition

Tuition for each academic year at Bachelor’s level is €7500. The registration fee for the Bachelor’s degree is 100 euros. For a Master’s, which lasts two years, tuition costs for those are €8500 per year. Depending on the duration of a Diploma, the cost range is between €3200 and €6500. Short & Summer courses cost €2300 but they include accommodation and insurance. Application and registration fees may apply, click here for more information.

Cost of Living

Compared to other European Countries, studying in the Netherlands can be quite expensive. In fact, housing in The Hague is on average €450, which has to be added to your tuition fees, books, insurance, groceries, and extra money for other activities. It is estimated that each student spends between €900 and €1200 per month. Earning extra money is possible but it is not recommended to rely entirely on the salary as it would be too low to cover for expenses. In addition, possibilities to find a part-time job are slim without any knowledge of the Dutch language.

The Hague

The Hague is a great city for a business student. It is the seat of government of the Netherlands, and only a one-hour bus ride from Amsterdam. It also hosts 200 international governmental organisations, most foreign embassies, and the U.N. International Court of Justice, to name a few.

There are many things to do and places to visit in The Hague. Among all, the Madurodam miniature city, the Mauritshuis Museum, and the famous Het Binnenhof.


International Business School The Hague is a new institution that offers a wide range of business and language programmes in one of the most international cities of the European continent. Further information on how to register as a student in The Hague, the Student Charter, or the Dutch Credit System, can be found here.

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