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Get to Know The University of Hong Kong – HKU


Internationally recognised as one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, the University of Hong Kong is a globally connected university with relationships with more than 340 leading universities spread across 43 different countries. With a presence like this, we at EDUopinions wanted to have a look at this school.


Get to Know The University of Hong Kong – HKU

The University of Hong Kong used to be the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese and was established in 1887 and with that, is the oldest university in Hong Kong. Having the intention of competing with other powerful nations such as China, the governor of Hong Kong wished for a university in his country as well. As a result, the University of Hong Kong emerged from the former medical school in 1911. At first, it was founded for only male students. Female students were not accepted until ten years later. During the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong in 1941, the university was closed until the end of the Second World War. This was followed by the establishment of the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Department of Law, the Dental Hospital, School of Architecture, School of Education and the Faculty of Business and Economics. Concerning the more recent history, the University of Hong Kong announced in 2015 that they would be the first university to join the HeForShe campaign, founded by the UN, that demands men to promote women’s rights.



The university is the home of study for over 28,000 full and part-time students, becoming a more popular choice for international students from 83 countries (2012). The administrative staff includes almost 4,000 workers.

The campus covers 160,000 square metres and shows some remaining architecture of the British Colonial presence in Hong Kong. The main building was constructed in 1910 and has a post-renaissance style. In addition, the University of Hong Kong has other teaching centres such as the Swire building, the Hung Hing Ying building, the Tang Chi Ngong Building and the Centennial Campus.


Applying to The University of Hong Kong – HKU

HKU accepts applications through the International Admissions Scheme/Non-JUPAS Admissions Scheme. To become a student at the University of Hong Kong you must fulfil the relevant entry requirements. This means not only the high academic requirements but also suitability for the course that you are interested in. The university takes into account a personal statement, as well as a referee’s report. Moreover, a college-approved English language test and an evidence of a second language ability will be demanded. Lastly, many of the courses will require an interview as part of the application process.

However, the requirements can differ from course to course, so I suggest having a look at the official website.


Fees, Funding and Scholarships

The fees at HKU differ depending on whether you are a local or non-local student. For local students admitted in the year 2017-2018 it was HK$42,100, whereas it was HK$161,000 for non-local students. The University estimated HK$40,000 as a living cost per year. Like most universities, there are scholarships that can be applied for. In fact, you will be considered for a scholarship automatically with your admissions application. The result will be announced at the same time as your offer of admission. Check out HKU’s website in order to read all about the fees, funding and scholarships.


Students’ Positive Opinions on The University of Hong Kong – HKU

In their EDUopinions comments, students at the University of Hong Kong mention a variety of good things. The spectrum of activities, clubs and organisations is especially mentioned. Furthermore, the emphasis on thinking internationally is addressed as well, as there are several opportunities to interact with each other and to even go abroad for internships. The variety of studies and the possibility to graduate with double majors are other positive topics that come up, as well as the central location of the university.


Where Students Think The University of Hong Kong – HKU Could Get Better

EDUopinions comments about HKU are largely in the institution’s favour. Besides only small things – such as adding more power sockets – it does not seem like there is a lot that can be criticised by the students. However, it is mentioned that the prestige and the high admission standards can lead to an atmosphere of competition.



In Conclusion

So evidently there is a reason for the good reputation of the University of Hong Kong. The fact that there are a lot of aspects to consider during the application process indicates that they choose their students carefully and thoughtfully. All in all, an impressive university!

But what about you? If you have any experience with the University of Hong Kong, leave a review on EDUopinions. Or if you found this article helpful, we are looking forward to your feedback – please leave a comment letting us know how we did!

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