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Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences


With several outstanding universities in Germany, there is high competition between these institutions to have the best students each year. One of those universities is Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, which EDUopinions will now look deeper into.

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Get to Know Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

Established in 1971, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences is a public institution located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. With a strong research focus on demographic change, renewable energies mobility, and logistics, it was also the founding member of the consortium of institutions of higher education in European metropolitan regions (“U!REKA”).

Known for having an international orientation, the university really shows it with its numbers: currently (2019), it has over 14,000 enrolled students from more than 105 nations.

The university has 4 faculties and it offers a wide range of study programmes, with 70 degree courses available. With approximately 200 partner universities on 6 continents, the institution clearly opens its doors to many foreign students and also to its own students, as it usually receives 200 foreign students each year, and the same amount of students leave Frankfurt to study at another university as well.


Applying to Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

Whether you are a graduate or an undergraduate student, if you want to enrol in this university, an online admission application must be submitted. Regarding German students, so the application can be submitted, they have to provide all the requested documents at the Student Services Office.

As for international students, they have to contact the International Office with their applications and the Office will ask for the specific documentation, which depends on having foreign academic qualifications or not, and also the country where the student comes from.



Fees, Funding and Scholarships

As there is legislation regarding tuition fees in Germany, only some Master programmes charge tuition. Therefore, all students that intend to undergo an undergraduate programme will have free education, and they will only spend money on books, transportation, and basic living costs.

Regarding the fees, they are related to administration costs, welfare contributions, and the semester ticket, which guarantees free rides on the public urban and regional transportation system for the whole semester. The fee varies over time, and the semester fee for Winter 2016/2017 was around 350€, for example.

Some Masters students may apply for a scholarship as some have no tuition, and some do. In one of the Masters offered in the university, they recommend its students to contact some institutions and to apply for a scholarship.


Students’ Point of View

According to the reviews on EDUopinions, one student guarantees that the university is nice and it teaches useful content.

Anonymous student
Nice and useful contents

A very good university especially for those ones who wants to get in contact with international students or thinking about joining an exchange student program. Most professors can explain their lessons without problems and show us not only theoretical but also practical usage possibilities.

Campus: Frankfurt

We can see that this student is satisfied with the university, as the professors are easy to speak with and the academic approach is ideal. In addition, student life is good and it promotes contact with international students.



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In Conclusion

With an international orientation which encourages its students to go abroad and experience different cultures and universities with different teaching methods, we can conclude that this university is a place where its students clearly learn both from a practical and theoretical way and by the end of the programme, not only will they be ready in an academic point of view, but also in a social point of view.


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