All you need to know about Edinburgh Napier University

All you need to know about Edinburgh Napier University


Studying on the edge of academics and industry

The Edinburgh Napier University is home to nearly 20,000 students across its three campuses in Edinburgh, as well as through transnational education overseas. The university values aspects such as diversity, employability of its graduates, international reach, and engagement with business through research and enterprise. Their vision? To be an enterprising and innovative community. Edinburgh Napier University strives to build success and demonstrate the potential of its students by closely collaborating with the industry and being taught by both academics and industry professionals. For students, this is vital for developing practical knowledge and securing employment after graduation.



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Get to know the Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the following subjects:

  • Arts & media
  • Business & languages
  • Computing
  • Criminology, psychology & law
  • Design
  • Engineering & the built environment
  • Health & social care
  • Life sciences
  • Sport & exercise sciences
  • Tourism

One powerful speciality of Edinburgh Napier University is its Transnational education (TNE) programs. They give students around the world the possibility to study towards an Edinburgh Napier degree without leaving their home country. Through established partnerships with universities in countries like China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Switzerland, you can study in the fields of economics, technology, and tourism. For studies from other countries, there are several distance learning and only studying programmes offered.

Applying at the Edinburgh Napier University

The application for full-time undergraduate courses must be submitted through the tool UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service), as it is common in the UK. When applying for part-time or online courses, you can apply directly to Napier University. An application for the Edinburgh Napier University must contain the following: the institution code (E59 ENU) and course code, administration fees of £13 for a single course or £24 for up to five courses, and a personal statement.

Your personal statement should be styled in a formal manner, focus on your strengths and aspirations, and clearly explain your motivation for the chosen course and that you have done your research. The statement is a big chance for you to point out your arguments and it will determine whether you will receive an offer or not.

International students need to satisfy the entry requirements regarding the ability of the English language. If you are not from the EU, EEA or Switzerland, a Tier 4 Visa is required.

Students’ Opinions on the Edinburgh Napier University


All you need to know about Edinburgh Napier University

Pia gave honest and detailed feedback, which we appreciate a lot. During her four years of studying Mechanical engineering, she witnessed the ups and downs of her courses. The student board is a great place to go when you need help or advice, but personal struggles between staff and students can sometimes result in unnecessary drama. Not all professors at Napier University are perfect, but most of them are still amazing. With that being said, this is probably the case in most universities, which Pia also recognizes. Overall, the university experience for Pia, both private and academic, was great, and you should ask your questions right here!



All you need to know about Edinburgh Napier University


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This student also praises the effort that the student board and administration put into helping students through difficulties of financial, academic, or personal nature. There is a computer centre open around the clock, which is very helpful for students (and night owls, especially) to get coursework done. The courses are challenging, yet the professors offer support where it is required and help you get the most out of the subject. Unfortunately, due to some management issues in 2016, the university was short in the workforce for some time, which directly affected some courses and getting the results for coursework on time. Even in those troubled times, the staff or Napier University is supporting their students as good as they can. This student had a great studying experience overall, and you should totally engage in a conversation to get answers to your questions.  


All you need to know about Edinburgh Napier University

Megan had a great experience in her four years at Napier University. She studies Architectural technology, which is a choice she is very happy to have made. Great facilities, inspiring staff and challenging courses make the studies there worthwhile and Megan would take the same choice once again if she could. If you are searching for the right place for Architectural studies, then you can ask Megan what made this place so great!


The Edinburgh Napier University offers courses in almost every academic subject, has a transparent admission policy and claims to offer support to its students where it is needed. Their vision and culture to work closely together with the industry offers many great opportunities to their students to develop in an academic as well as a professional matter. Professional staff, a great environment and challenging courses round up the wide academic menu so that the university really stands out compared to other universities in the UK.

What was your experience with Edinburgh Napier University?


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