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All About New European College


In the current job sector, more and more professionalism and preparation are required, so EDUopinions is going to tell you about New European College, a new private university where you can study international management in one of the most prestigious cities in Europe; Munich.

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Get to Know New European College

New European College was founded in 2014 as a private business school in Munich, Germany, but started to hold university courses in 2015.

New European College, connected to IUBH – International University Bad Honnef, is located in the western upper bank of the river Isar, in the south area of Munich, about 15 minutes away from the city centre. It offers a bachelor’s business course as well as master’s courses.

Applying to New European College

A lot of students ask to apply to this private school and to do this your previous educations have to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a non-business field;
  • English language certificate (with a minimum of 60 points if is an IELTS or 80 if is a TOEFL, or a CAE/CPE certificate);
  • GMAT – Graduate Management Admission Test (only if your Germany version score is less than 3.0)
  • Successful Assessment Interview

Acceptance is determined by a variety of characteristics. Decisions are based on (but are not limited to) academic background, English proficiency, motivations, global perspectives, extracurricular involvement and strength of essay; that’s because the future students are from whole over the world.

Once you have submitted your documents, in an online application form, they are sent to the university which will respond you with a confirmation email. Then an appointment for a Skype interview will be scheduled and you’ll have to pay a €50 tax. After all, you must do an admission exam. Once all the above is completed, an admissions decision will be made.

Fees, Funding and Scholarships

Fees are pretty high, but they guarantee you a place in this private university; plus, NCE offers discounts for those who pay the entire year of tuition in advance.

Scholarships are lavished with two different options:

  1. The DAAD Scholarship database – Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (German Academic Exchange Service);
  2. The Deutschlandstipendium which provides financial and non-material support to high-achieving and committed students from all over the world: 300 euros per month for international top-class talent.

Students can choose between paying tuition fees per semester or per year.

Student Life

Munich is the third-largest city in Germany and is one of the industrialised world’s fastest-growing metropolises, with 1.57 million people. Munich not only has a reputation for steady growth but consistently ranks as one of the world’s top cities in terms of quality of life and professional competitiveness, so New European College is the right place to build your future.

This city has a great background due to ancient history, the art, the music, the architecture and the culture: Oktoberfest is perhaps the city’s most famous festival, a union of its qualities. In addition, the geographical proximity with other European capitals and cities of relevance will enable you to go and visit them in a weekend and increase your cultural wealth.

Buoyed by stable economic growth, the boom on the office property market is reflected in office rents, so the cost of living is reasonably high, so students must calculate a budget of at least €1,000/1,200 per month. You have a wide choice among the single flat, the shared room and other opportunities because the continuing influx of new arrivals and vigorous demand for real estate on the capital market generates an answer from the city of Munich, which started to build new apartments. Plus, studying at New European School gives you the opportunity to learn a new language: German, which would allow you to live a wonderful study abroad experience if you are an international student.


In conclusion, New European College is one of the newest and high-quality universities, where you can follow international management courses which allow you to go after your biggest passion, in one of the beautiful cities of Europe.

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