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Academy of Economic Studies ASE v University of Bucharest UB


Located in Eastern Europe with its coast lying on the Black Sea, Romania enjoys both cultural and geographical diversity. The geographic wealth of the country is currently experiencing the growth of agriculture, and the preservation of authentic Romanian traditions from generation to generation is a strong point for tourism development.

The capital of Romania is Bucharest – a city with approximately 2 million inhabitants. The area is very attractive to students due to the presence of many large international companies as well as significant tourist attractions such as the Parliament Palace, the Arch of Triumph, and the Romanian Athenaeum. Also, the universities have an important and interesting history, such as the Academy of Studies Economics in Bucharest and the University of Bucharest. EDUopinions chose to compare these two universities. Let’s see together what we found!

Academy of Economic Studies – ASE

What You Need to Know

The Academy of Economic Studies is the best university for the study of Economics in Romania and one of the best universities in Eastern Europe. This elite institution has 12 faculties, ranging from the subjects of Business and Tourism to Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics. The programmes are offered at Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate levels and are taught by university professors with excellent training and experience. According to the annual assessments made, the university located in the area called Romana Square has a high degree of trust with students.

Analysing students’ opinions on the EDUopinons website, we can see that the university is quite popular among students, with a total of 75 reviews. The comments can be mixed, so let’s find out how satisfied students are with this university.

Most Frequent Comments

Most students consider the Academy of Economic Studies to be the best university in Economics in Romania. Why is this?

Well, referring to the quality of the courses, the students believe that these are taught in a professional way by the best teachers. Teachers, both old and young, try to meet the needs of the students and provide them with support on the road to a successful career. However, there are students who reckon the teaching style of some professors should be more modern, but there are also others who appreciate the classic style.

One of the most appreciated faculties and the only one in Romania that combines the field of Computer Science with Economics is found at the Academy of Economic Studies – namely the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics. This is a great choice for those who want an IT career, to learn analytical skills, and to get into the secrets of statistics.


When analysing students’ reviews, it is evident that they are very pleased with the Bologna System, through which the Bachelor studies take place for a period of 3 years and the Master’s for a period of 2 years. At the same time, the students are of the opinion that this system allows them to focus on their personal development. The timetable enables them to take part in multiple extracurricular activities.


As far as activities outside the classroom are concerned, they are very diverse. It is noticed how students appreciate the presence of Erasmus programmes. With their help, they can study at a university from abroad and receive a scholarship that will help them. Also, non-profit organisations are considered to be environments that make students become much more responsible.

Most of the students are happy with the faculty facilities, but there are others who believe that they should invest more in the infrastructure.

The Good

Teachers are often appreciated by students, especially those who are able to offer both theoretical and emotional support.

The timetable is a flexible one that helps students to take on a part-time job or get involved in student associations.

The presence of multiple student associations is an opportunity that the students make the most of, as through the activities they take they learn what friendship, kindness, teamwork, perseverance, and devotion mean.


University of Bucharest UB

What You Need To Know

Established by the decree of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza in 1864, the University of Bucharest maintains the traditions of those times through the attractive architecture it presents. The study programmes for the Bachelor, Master or PhD are varied and students have the opportunity to choose between a large number of faculties such as: The Faculty of Business and Administration, The Faculty of Biology, The Faculty of Chemistry, The Faculty of Law, The Faculty of Physics, The Faculty of Geography, The Faculty of History, The Faculty of Geology and Geophysics, The Faculty of Letters, The Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies, The Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, The Faculty of Orthodox Theology, The Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, and the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.

Most Frequent Comments

Students from the University of Bucharest consider this institution to be the right place for personal development, to socialise, and gain necessary career knowledge – especially for those who want to pursue a teaching career.

At the same time, students’ ambition and seriousness regarding the faculty is observed, with many reviews in which young people appreciate the perseverance and intelligence of others.

Often, a very large volume of theory is taught in the university, so students consider individual study to be vital to pass all the exams.


In addition, the ancient infrastructure is highly appreciated by the students, the library being the place where they find the information needed every time, in a quiet and desirable atmosphere conducive to learning.


The young people, proud of their university, compare it to a temple of knowledge, in which students contribute to their development and preservation of the university’s notoriety, keeping the study at the highest level.


The Good

Teachers are highly appreciated by students in terms of their professional training, how they communicate information, and their openness to students. They feel comfortable to communicate with the teachers and ask them questions to adjust their knowledge.

Furthermore there are many Erasmus opportunities and many student associations that test your skills through projects and get you to escape from your comfort zone by trying new things.


In Conclusion…

It seems that we have reached the end of our comparison between these two universities, so let’s take a look at what we have learned about the Academy of Economic Studies and University of Bucharest:

  • These are two universities in Bucharest with old traditions and are among the best universities in Romania
  • The Academy of Economic Studies contains study programmes for the field of Economics and Computer Science, while the University of Bucharest contains study programmes in Arts & Humanities, Life Science, Natural Science & Mathematics, Social Science, and Business & Management
  • Both universities benefit from Erasmus programmes, but also the presence of student associations that contribute to the development of students
  • In general, students appreciate how teachers teach classes, but they would prefer the theoretical part to be combined with the practical
  • The two universities are located in the central area of the capital, so students benefit from many transport options
  • The only Romanian faculty that combines the Economics and the IT field is at the ASE and is represented by the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics
  • If you are an international student and want to attend the courses of these universities, do not forget that there are programmes offered in English, French, and German

Following the analysis of the reviews offered by the students on the EDUopinions platform, we can say that the two universities have a high number of quality courses.

So, we are very curious about your opinion on the university you attended or are attending. Do not hesitate to write a review, because only in this way can we guide and support students! As the saying goes; ‘when the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful’ and we are sure that your voice is the most powerful gift we could hope for!

Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest ASE – Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest provides 5 types of scholarships to students – depending on their results and needs. The scholarships are: a Study Scholarship, Social Scholarship, Worth Scholarship, Performance Scholarship, and an Excellence Scholarship. For more information, do not hesitate to visit the university website.

University of Bucharest UB – Scholarships and Financial Aid

The University of Bucharest has a wide range of scholarships, each according to the student’s involvement. They are classified as follows: Scholarships for Scientific Performance, Performance Scholarship “Olympic Merit”, Merit Scholarships I, Merit Scholarships II, Scholarships for Students Living in Rural Areas, Social Aid Scholarships, Occasional Social Scholarships, Special Scholarships, Scholarships for University and Postgraduate Studies in the Country/Abroad. For further information, the university website may clarify your concerns.

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