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The Best Places To Study Abroad In The USA


Studying abroad is one of the most exciting experiences that students can enjoy all over the world. That is a great opportunity for personal growth. After this experience, you will become more self-confident, worldly-wise and open-minded person.  You will immerse yourself in a brand-new culture, meet new people with a different mentality, practice a foreign language with native speakers and be part of another and different educational system. All this and a lot of other things are enough reason for deciding to study abroad. Very important thing is to choose country and city where you will go on this adventure of your life.

Why should you choose America? Because it’s a huge country with thousands of institutions that accept international students. With high-ranking universities in all of its 50 states, The United States is one of the leading countries in the Western world in innovation and education. Very excited and festive college and campus lifestyle, all different types of beautiful travel destinations, English language and a big amount of opportunities are all reasons to choose this country. America has a bit of everything and because of that students can always find the right program for them. You can find university for all area of studies, you can choose between cities that have different things to offer, between mountains and seas, beaches and forest, you can even choose climate zone. American students can also study abroad in another state and explore a new region of own country.

There are a lot of options to study abroad in America and here is some of them.

Los Angeles

LA is the second – largest metropolitan area in the US and has a lot to offer for education (business, science, fashion, medicine, sports, technology…) and free time. UCLA and CSU are in the top of Americans and world education system.

There are a lot of private colleges in the city like American Film Institute Conservatory, The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, Alliant International University, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Abraham Lincoln University, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising’s Los Angeles campus, Los Angeles Film School etc.


The Boston and its area has many colleges and universities and that makes it an international centre of higher education. This city is considered to be a world leader in education, innovation and entrepreneurship. The Brainpower Triangle consists of three universities –  Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tufts University. Those are one of the best in the hole world. There are also Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern University, Brandeis University etc. About some of them, you can read on our website.

Except for education, as one of the most historic cities in the US with modern features,  Boston is a great place for living. This combination of historical and contemporary gives it something special.

New York

The City That Never Sleeps is the perfect place for dynamic students who want to feel the American spirit. This city is huge and has something for everybody. There are a lot of high – ranking universities in NY which are one of the best in the world, too.

New York University, Columbia University, City University of New York Rutgers – The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, Mercy College, New York Institute of Technology, Pace University, University of Delaware, Fordham University, The Juilliard School, Manhattan College, Fashion Institute of Technology etc.

San Francisco

It’s one of the most frequently visited cities in the US and it’s known for its high quality of life. It has a lot of universities all kind of studies. The University of California in San Francisco is dedicated to education in health and biomedical sciences. The University of California, Hastings College of the Law is the oldest law school in California. One of the best university in this area is Stanford University –a place for learning, discovery, innovation, expression and discourse“.

There are also University of California, Berkeley, University of San Francisco, California College of the Arts, The California Culinary Academy, California Institute of Integral Studies etc.


It is the third most populous city in the United States and it’s home for a lot of students from all parts of the world. In Chicago and it’s area you will experience a multicultural diversity, on the college and throughout the cities as well. Chicago is famous due to its extensive entertaining scene and a lot of sports events.

Top universities in Chicago are The University of Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago State University, Northwestern University, Columbia College Chicago, National Louis University, Northeastern Illinois University, Roosevelt University etc.

Washington DC

Washington DC is the federal capital of the world’s most popular study destination. If you are interested in politics go to the DC and be right at the heart of US history and politics. It’s a great place also for students that are interested in biotechnology, medicine, aircraft manufacturing, computer software development, telecommunications… There is a lot to see and lot to do in Washington during free time.

Some of the top colleges in Washington D.C. are Georgetown University, George Washington University, University of Maryland, College Park, American University, Howard University etc.


Atlanta is a centre for higher education in Georgia. One of the greatest advantages of studying in Georgia is the low cost of living. Atlanta is a cosmopolitan city of progress with rich music and culture scene. The University of Georgia is the oldest university in the United States with important accomplishments in the medical field. The most popular universities are Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory University; Georgia State University.

Requirements for studying abroad in the USA

In the U.S., colleges and universities establish their own admission requirements, including third-party standardized tests. You should measure your English language skills with the appropriate test. Some programs also require students to take one or more standardized tests.

If you are an international student you will need a visa to study in the U.S. and Visa requirements depend on your nationality so be sure to check them. Before you can apply for a student visa, you must first be accepted by a U.S. institution of higher education that is certified by the SEVP.

Here, and also here, you can read something more about requirements for studying abroad in the US.

I wish you all best with your application and have fun in the USA!!


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