What Do Students Think About Their Accommodation in Europe?

What Do Students Think About Their Accommodation in Europe?


As an international student, accommodation and making your home away from home becomes crucial for your mental and physical health. A good safe space sets the tone for everything and if the accommodation is not okay, then it may set a negative tone for everything.

Since university life is so diverse these days, there are diverse factors that go into creating a unique academic and personal experience. If you are an international student, adjusting to an entirely new country, new people and a new college can be tough. The seemingly basic experiences such as the choice of accommodation can actually have a huge impact on your academic and personal life. Here, EDUopinions discovers, what do students think about their accommodation in Europe?

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The Importance of Student Accommodation

Depending on the country of the university you are in, the norms vary. Many universities in the UK or USA offer accommodation to students as a regular practice. However, you won’t find this to be a norm in European colleges. At some universities, a live-in dorm or student accommodation is the standard, while at others, the students are responsible for securing their own independent housing.

If you’re an international student, then securing accommodation can be daunting and confusing. If there’s an on-campus housing system then it eases the transition and one is able to find housing easily. If you get accommodation on the campus itself, then choosing that is the best option. There are many pros to living on campus, such as close proximity to many facilities. Even if you wake up late, you will never be too late for class!

It is also the best way to experience college life. Most universities house multiple students together so you might have one or two roommates. This can be a good thing for the social aspect of your college life as well.

student accommodation

If you do opt for a university dorm, then you will not only be sharing your bedroom but even the bathrooms. Adjusting to all of these communal spaces is a big experience in itself and it will most likely change your outlook on life and affect your social life in a much more positive way. You will be bumping into your classmates everywhere and you are more likely to make more friendships this way.

In the majority of universities, dorms are pretty social. From cooking a communal dinner to studying together before that final or even just chilling out. Freshmen are usually quite surprised with the fact that the dorms might be co-ed! So either it can be that your dorms are alternating or your floors are alternating between males and females.

In the United States, living on campus is pretty popular and common. If you ask any of your alumni from your college they are most likely to say that the bulk of their friendships and social interactions they made were during their time living on campus.

Of course, there are downsides to living on campus as well, campus dorms aren’t always the most pleasant place to live. The living quarters might be pretty small and you may have to share that with a stranger you don’t necessarily like. This might also cause trouble for studying if you have a crucial exam coming up, a good point here is to hit the library for some study time.

University housing fees are non-negotiable and students can get a scholarship to cover those costs. For students who don’t want to live on-campus, there are many off-campus options as well. Such as a ‘college town.’ There are typically apartment buildings and housing complexes that aren’t associated with the university but are still predominantly there for the student market.  In this scenario, you might be living next to your peers in larger and nicer living space!

How Satisfied are Students with their Accommodation in Europe?

EDUopinions analysed over 10,000 student reviews and here are the results from 5 of the most popular study destinations in Europe:

City Average Rating (out of 5 stars)

1. Berlin (3.9 stars)Berlin

2. London (3.7 Stars)London

3. Paris (3.1 Stars)Paris

4. Amsterdam (3 Stars)Amsterdam

5. Madrid (2.6 Stars)Madrid

This ranking includes students’ opinions about their university residences as well as their views on the housing market of those cities. 

What Do The Students Have To Say?

Unsurprisingly, students’ thoughts about and experiences of accommodation vary. Students in Germany, for example, seem to like their accommodation. Student residences are often provided by the university itself and are equipped with most necessities.

Those living in student accommodation in the UK tend to wish for renovations in their housing as they can be old and also expensive.

In France, student accommodation is usually liked and fitted with many good quality amenities such as hot water and WiFi.

The Netherlands does not fare as well as other European countries, with students claiming accommodation there is overpriced.

And finally, Spain earns mixed reviews. A downside is the long waiting time associated with finding accommodation. An upside is the many cheap options available in cities like Barcelona and Madrid and in towns within commuting distance.

If you’re looking to rent the perfect student accommodation, look no further than student.com. They help students find the perfect homes and also offer the lowest price guaranteed so that you get the best deal. They even have a 24-hour booking team to help you sail through any problems or queries you might have. Happy student house hunting!

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