The Ultimate List Of The Best Things To Pack For College

The Ultimate List Of The Best Things To Pack For College


Here’s Everything You Need To Pack To Survive College

You’re a Freshman. That’s a big step. Not only are you a college student, but you finally moved out of your parent’s home. But independence isn’t always easy, especially when you’re trying to figure out what to pack before you move into a shoebox sized dorm or an overpriced one-bedroom apartment. Knowing what to pack and what not to can save you the hassle of using up all of your precious limited space. So here are a couple of things that no college student should be without.



Living in a dorm is like staying at a hostel, which means you’ll need a bedbug-protecting mattress cover if you don’t want to get eaten alive. While you’re at it, buy a foam topper and a mattress pad, because some mattresses are more uncomfortable than a bed of nails. Also, a couple of pillowcases, pillows, and twin-size sheets never hurt anyone.


Additional Seating

Unless you’re planning a study session in your bed, you’ll need room for your friends to sit on. Beanbag chairs, folding chairs, some couch cushions and pillow covers are not a bad thing to have. Plus, it’s better than standing while watching television.



Most Freshmen get homesick fast, but the only way to beat the blues is by making your dorm or apartment feel like your home away from home. So, buy a couple of nifty looking wall clocks, a wall mirror, some posters and wall art. Oh, and don’t forget to purchase some picture frames for your family photos.



It goes without saying that you’ll need plenty of hangers for your dress pants, shirts, and even skirts. When all else fails, buy yourself some over the door shoe organizers, and closet organizer bins for all your extra stuff.


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Make Your Environment Comfy

Don’t rely on central heating or A/C. Buy yourself a space heater or cooler, in case you’re the only one that feels hot or cold, and your roommate doesn’t. While you’re at it, buy yourself some plants, unless your roommate’s allergic to them. A bit of green helps to keep your mind fresh when you’re cramming for an exam.


Keep Your Valuables Safe

If you have a gazillion jewelry items and are sharing a room with a stranger, you’ll need a jewelry safe to keep your roomie from borrowing things without asking. But you’ll also need a jewelry organizer to keep yourself sane when you’re looking for that Claddagh ring or Sailor Moon necklace.


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Laundry Necessities

Mom’s not around anymore, so you’ll have to wash your clothes. To that end, you’ll need garment bags, lingerie bags, and of course, some laundry detergent, color-safe bleach, some fabric softener and some dryer sheets. Also, iron, an ironing board, a lint brush, a sewing kit for when your jeans or shirt rips, and lots and lots of quarters for the washer and dryer.


Food To Snack On

You’re a college student, which means sitting down for a good meal like the one’s mom used to make is impossible until you go home for the holidays. In the meantime, buy popcorn, because you could leave off that for weeks. Also, some cereal would be nice. Coffee is a must for any college student. Microwaveable mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, and those Cup A Soup or Ramen noodles are a life saver, especially when you’re on a budget.


School Supplies

The name of the game here is to study, so do some back to school shopping and buy plenty of binder and paper clips. Binders, business cards, calculator, a calendar, folders, glue, pens, pencils, sticky notes, notebooks, a laptop fan, as well as highlighters to single out what you need to focus on, and some White out for when you mess up.


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You’ll need a laptop because it’s easier to type up class notes. You might as well go for a desk lamp and a power strip for all your extra electronic supplies. Oh, and noise canceling headphones are a must. But don’t forget your kitchen electronics like a microwave and a mini-fridge, but make sure your dorm allows you to bring this stuff.


Bath And Shower Supplies

Bring or buy some flip-flops or shower shoes because the showers on some campuses make prison showers look clean. Also, bring your brush, hairdryer, deodorant, toothbrush, towels, tweezers, razors, shampoo, conditioner, and of course, the ever so brilliant cosmetic supplies to put your face on before class.


Finally, A Few Maybes

Get yourself an under-the-bed organizer for all the stuff that won’t fit in your closet or drawers, and if you’d like, bring some playing cards or board games in case the roomie is hogging the television set. An eye mask would also be a good idea in case curtains aren’t available, oh and finally some pain medication. 


We hope our list of things you need for college it´s helpful to you. Being a freshman can be complicated but we the right mindset it will route to remember. If you don´t know how to approach people to start making some friends and connections, we have an article that can be valuable for you.


What did you pack for your first year in college? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below!


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