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The Pros and Cons of Studying in Beijing 


Studying in Beijing, China can be wild, adventurous and dynamic. This bustling city has lots to offer and can be overwhelming at first. But, some students love it and stay back even after their studies are over. China is the leader in the global economy which makes it a very enticing study abroad location. China is very different from the West and it can be a roller coaster to be here. EDUopinions will explore the pros and cons of studying in Beijing.

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Pros of Studying in Beijing

1. Beijing is very affordable:

It might be a surprise, but Beijing is actually very affordable for students and contrary to most European countries, China is pretty cheap. It is cheaper to live, eat and travel in China than in many other Western countries. While exploring the local restaurants and food, you will realise that you can eat as cheap as $10 per day! Plus there are many scholarships available in while studying in Beijing, so it is quite comfortable to study here.

2. Learn about Chinese Cuisine:

Chinese cuisine is very different from the rest of the world, is almost a world of its own. The variety of noodles, soups, fish, seafood available here is amazing and you will fall in love with the exquisite Chinese cuisine. Plus, you can also find food from all over the world in China and Beijing. If you miss home, you will most likely find your comfort food here for as low as $1!

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3. Learn about different cultures:

Studying in Beijing will give you an opportunity to learn a lot about different cultures. Chinese culture is vast, diverse and very fascinating. Living here, you will be in close proximity to the Chinese people and you will see how they visit different Buddhist temples, learn about their cuisine, their household professionalisms and you will also learn how to communicate effectively with the local people. Plus it will also open your mind to the Eastern culture and some traditions are very fascinating which you might even take back home!

4. Travel to different parts of China and Asia:

China is one of the biggest continents in the world, studying in Beijing will give you the opportunity to explore not only China but the rest of Asia as well. Plus, Asia is pretty cheap as compared to European travelling – so it is a plus-plus! Also, you will have transportation connections to almost every single part of China and the world! You can travel by bus, train or plan.

5. Bustling with Art:

Beijing is the melting pot of art as it has its own galleries, museums at every corner. There is even a separate art district. Studying in Beijing will expose you to traditional Chinese opera, acrobatic shows, museums, underground concerts and so much more. You will get to meet artists from all over the world and explore different art which will really open your mind.

Cons of Studying in Beijing

1. Beijing is a polluted city:

Chances are you must have read about the pollution levels in Beijing, it is known to be one of the worst in the world. Even the rivers around Beijing have been polluted and the government is not doing much about this. Plus, Beijing also has a lot of sandstorms which make the city very dusty and dirty.

2. Being stared at:

There are around 600,000 expats currently living in China and even though the numbers are big, it is nothing compared to the 1.3 billion Chinese population. Though it is harmless, foreigners and expats generally get a lot of attention. If your hair or eyes are a different colour, be prepared to get stared at everywhere you go. It can get a bit annoying and uncomfortable in the day to day life and you will just have to get used to it while studying in Beijing. They stare while you walk, shop, eat – there is no escape really.

3. Bad driving skills:

Most traffic laws are disregarded and you can catch people driving in any place in any direction at any time. People’s driving skills are also not that great and there is no respect for traffic rules either. Plus, since the city is so crowded, public transportation can be a pain and you will find yourself shoving your way through a sea of people wherever you go.

4. Housing can be expensive:

If you want to rent a house near the city centre while studying in Beijing, then the rates can be a bit high. Regardless of how much you pay for rent, you can expect plenty of things to be dirty or broken when you move in.

Generally speaking, Beijing can be a very exciting place to study in and can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life So if you are thinking about studying in Beijing, then go ahead!

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