Why You Should Join Clubs and Societies While in College

Why You Should Join Clubs and Societies While in College


Clubs, Societies… Are they good for me?

When we speak about universities and want to compare them to high schools, there are a lot of differences that come along with the kind of lectures, classes the size of the infrastructures. But there are also a lot of changes going on around the education that is as important as choosing a proper major and minor. When we were in high school we, in most cases, had the possibility to join a sports club within the school to practice and train after lectures. The university offers as well a lot of different opportunities to join extra scholar activities and has more topics than what we were proposed with in high school.


But why is it important to join and be part of some of those groups when arriving at college?


Where Will You Be Joining Clubs and Socs?
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The integration!


When being a freshman, there are a lot of problems that can be faced on different matters, first of all struggling with classes, adapt to this new student life in general, the freedom of living alone and the struggle of being alone. It’s true that when arriving at a new place, it can become complicated to find new friends and people to hang out with. Clubs and groups can be an excellent way to integrate to people and this by a common interest in an activity, this being different sports or arts and so on. It’s a good way of being able to find friends that you know for sure are going to the same college and in a different atmosphere than in class.


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Find new interests:


Most of the time colleges offer a broad range of activities and clubs to join. A bigger range than we used to have in high school, therefore there are always things we didn’t think about being interesting or that we could like and it is always great to find new activities that we could like. It also gives another aspect to college, to get away from this image of lectures and work to something based more around the community, allowing people to have a better perception of a school, it’s a place of life and exchange and not only a place to study and pass exams.


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A professional opening:


Having an extra scholar activity also gives you new ideas about your future life. A college is a place of emulation and personal development, you’re given significant resources and have the possibility to do a lot without taking a lot of risks. Therefore being part of a club allows oneself to try to settle a business or a company, to improve a given situation around your activity or to create something that can help you and others to gain time on something. It also gives you the opportunity to do so with people sharing your ideas and to build a team that has the same objective.Or only helps you to discover a career path you didn’t think of or wouldn’t have imagined being this attractive for you.


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Build a secure network


Being part of a group gets you to make a new friend but it also gets you to make your network grows. It’s a very good way to develop a potential professional relationship for the future, sharing a common interest will be something nice to keep up later or a good icebreaker if you ever need them for X or Y reason.



Economically interesting


Finally, the last best advantage to join your universities clubs is definitely the price, the membership prices are always cheaper than if you would find one outside your campus. There is always a discount and as we all know the budget is always a real problem of the student life; therefore, it gives a great opportunity to enjoy an activity without having to deprive your self of something such as this. Furthermore, doing something within your school ensure that the infrastructure and material you might be needed to use will always be of a good quality and you won’t have to buy it by yourself ( for most of it)


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Clubs and Societies… Final Conclusion:

Joining a university club or society gives a lot of opportunities regarding the people you meet and the ease with which you can make new friends and integrate faster when being a freshman. It’s economically interesting thanks to the discount offered by the fact of being a member of your college and opens you to a land of possible businesses and professional meeting that can help you during your studies or afterwards when entering the professional world.


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