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Study Business in Italy: Why Is It So Popular and Which Are the Best Universities?


Last year, EDUopinions’ Student Reviews Guide discovered that Italy is one of the top destinations for international students in Europe. In fact, it ranked higher than Germany and Spain, owing to exceptional reviews from students in areas like student life, cost of living and university location. This year, Italy continued its strong trajectory, and EDUopinions has seen further interest in students wanting to study business in Italy.

But why are students flocking to the sun-soaked Mediterranean country for their studies? Well, it’s partly owing to the lifestyle and partly to the wealth of top-ranked universities situated in the country. In this article, we’ll detail why students want to study business in Italy and outline some of the top-rated universities in the country, as reviewed by verified students on EDUopinions.

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Why Study Business in Italy?

Top Reasons to Study Business in Italy

Student reviews on EDUopinions shed some light on what students value most about studying in Italy. In particular, they rate the country well for the quality of professors, university facilities, and internationalism. As mentioned, Italian degree courses also scored highly for student life and location. But why are students increasingly drawn to study business in Italy?

Firstly, Italy is the EU’s third-largest economy, and despite recent setbacks, was experiencing strong growth at the beginning of 2022. Sectors like manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and life sciences continue to grow, but Italy is also home to more innovative sectors like aerospace and ICT.

But Italy is also a growing hub for startups. Cities like Turin, Rome, and Milan feature in a report on some of the best startup ecosystems in the world; Milan is considered a top 100 emerging ecosystem. These cities are known for their investment in technology like AI and analytics.

Even if you’re not heading to Italy to study business, there are still lots of advantages. Not least the affordable cost of living, the cuisine, and the bucket-list travel destinations you can explore.

The Best Universities in Italy in 2022

So, you want to study business in Italy. Where are some of the best universities to do that?

These are the 10 top-rated Italian universities and business schools in Italy. This means they have received a higher proportion of 4 and 5-star reviews by students and alumni in 2022.

10. The University of Milan

The University of Milan  (3.8/5 EDUopinions all-time rating) is one of the largest universities in Europe, let alone in Italy. Comprised of over 60,000 students, it is known for being research-intensive and is internationally recognised for the quality of its teaching. The university offers English-language programmes in highly technological areas. This includes Master’s degrees in artificial intelligence, data science for economics, and human resources.

9. Politecnico di Milano

Politecnico di Milano - campus

Politecnico di Milano (4.1/5 EDUopinions all-time rating) is a top-ranking Italian university, and its business school, POLIMI Graduate School of Management, is known as one of the best business schools in the world. The university has seven campuses around Milan and the business school offers an MBA that regularly earns acclaim as one of the best programmes in Europe.

8. Università degli Studi di Padova


The University of Padua (4.2/5 EDUopinions all-time rating) is situated in the centre of Padua, an ancient city in the northern Italian region of Veneto. It’s the world’s fifth-oldest surviving university and has built a reputation for its science teaching. However, it also has dedicated departments in information engineering, and international studies, and offers a range of Master’s degrees in business studies.

7. LUISS Guido Carli

Luiss University Rome

LUISS (4.2/5 EDUopinions all-time rating) is a popular destination because it is the home of LUISS Business School. Located in Rome, the school was founded by entrepreneurs in 1974, and today it’s one of Italy’s best schools for business studies. The LUISS MBA in particular is notable because of its small cohort, giving the programme a strong community feel.

6. Sapienza-Università di Roma

Sapienza campus

Sapienza University of Rome (3.8/5 EDUopinions all-time rating) is both one of the oldest Italian universities and one of the largest, and today hosts over 100,000 students in its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Alumni include politicians, Nobel Prize winners, and other scientists. The Economics department offers a number of English-language programmes in subjects like business management and the management of technologies, innovation, and sustainability.

5. Università di Bologna


The University of Bologna (4.1/5 EDUopinions all-time rating) is the home of Bologna Business School, where students can study a huge range of postgraduate programmes in business. Their campus is at the heart of the ancient city, where over 1,600 gather each year to study varied courses such as data science, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

4. Università di Roma Tor Vergata

Tor Vergata University of Rome (4.3/5 EDUopinions all-time rating) was founded in 1982 with the intention of being a traditional liberal arts university with a career focus in STEM subjects. The university includes a large Economics department, where students can study Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in subjects like business administration, finance and banking, and European business law.

3. Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Sacro Cuore campus

Located in the heart of Milan, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (4.4/5 EDUopinions all-time rating) is a private research university with a large postgraduate department in business and society. Here, students can take Master’s courses in specialist business subjects like social entrepreneurship and sustainability as well as a two-year MBA focused on impact entrepreneurship.

2. ROme BUsiness School


Rome Business School (4.5/5 EDUopinions all-time rating) is an accredited business school which has also developed a reputation for its online business courses. All of its courses are fully taught in English and can be taken on campus or online, where students will still attend live online lectures. Master’s courses on offer include standard business topics such as project management and finance, as well as specialist courses in agribusiness management and food and beverage management.

1. Bocconi University


There’s a reason that students with an interest in business head to Bocconi University (4.1/5 EDUopinions all-time rating), and that’s because it’s home to SDA Bocconi School of Management. This business school, in the centre of vibrant Milan, is frequently ranked one of the best in the world. In fact, its MBA programme is ranked 13th globally, and its master’s in Management is also ranked 16th. The school has partnered with many top organisations like Google and Gucci to make sure that students are totally prepared for their business careers when they graduate.

Other Top-Rated Italian Universities

However, the universities and business schools above aren’t the only top-rated institutions in the country. Here are some more schools that students have praised:


If you’re planning on studying business in a European country, then Italy should definitely make your list of possible destinations. Along with some prestigious universities, the country is also one of the best places in Europe for food and travel, meaning you can enhance your study abroad experience with cultural experiences, too.

Actually applying to a business school can be daunting, so to help you, have a read of our article ‘5 Things to Remember When Applying to Business School’. You’ll be jetting off to Italy before you know it!

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