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Do You Have The Right Character Traits For Business School?


So, you’ve decided to apply to business school. You might want to get a job in finance, be a successful digital marketer, or even gain the skills to start your own business.

However, you might not have stopped to consider if you have the right character traits for business school.

In fact, successful businessmen and women often exhibit clear personality traits. If you possess these, you might be more likely to find success at both business school and in your future business career.

So, what are the character traits of a successful business student? 

What character traits do you need to succeed at business school?

With enough hard work and determination, as well as a passion for business, anyone can succeed at business school.

However, if you’re aiming for some of the top business schools in the world, there are some additional character traits that will make you more likely to succeed. This is even more important if you’re choosing to study for a more professional degree like a Business Masters.

One of the most important personality traits for a business school student is focus. You might be a naturally hard worker with impeccable grades, but if you don’t have the drive and focus to maintain that energy through business school, you might not take advantage of all the opportunities available to you.

A focused student will always have their eyes on the end goal – graduating with a business degree. Remind yourself of this goal every day, and make daily targets to keep you focused on that goal.

It’s also important to be mature and self-aware. You’ll need to balance a lot as a business student, and understanding where your faults lie and being able to own up to them will make your experience easier.

Finally, ambition goes a long way. Business school can be tough, but if you know what you want, and you’re aiming high, you’re sure to make it through. In fact, business schools like the London Business School list ambition as one of the key determiners of a good business student.

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The traits of a successful businessperson

Character Traits of a Businessperson

Naturally, successful businesspeople will embody some of the character traits of successful business school students. However, the world of business is still very different from a classroom.

If you’re planning on following a career in business after your business degree, it can be helpful to know what kinds of character traits are found in the most successful business people.

Traits will also differ depending on which avenue you’d like to go down within business.

Among successful entrepreneurs, some of the most important character traits include persuasiveness, creativity, and tenacity. You might not get a chance to fully explore these aspects of your personality as a student. However, they will become much more important as you try to launch a business and sell your product.

If you’re planning on becoming a senior manager or CEO, there are other character traits that lead to success in the role. Leading other people is an important task, requiring communication, transparency, adaptability, dependability, and a team-oriented perspective.

In more technology-oriented roles, like as a data analyst or financial analyst, you’ll also need an innate ability to solve problems and deal with difficult tech. Curiosity is also important in these roles – you’ll likely need to continue learning as you progress and technology advancements affect your job.

What character traits are business schools looking for?

In your business school application, you’ll have the chance to impress admissions advisors with your previous experience. However, it’s also a chance to show them that you have the right personality and character traits to succeed both at business school and in your career.

If you’ve chosen to study abroad, you’re already displaying some of the most important traits of a business student: you like taking risks, you have ambition, and you’re passionate. If you didn’t have these inherent character traits, it’s unlikely you would be considering moving abroad to study.

However, there are more character traits for business that schools will be looking for in your application.

Schools will want to know that you make a good leader, and have the communication skills necessary to be successful in a management role. Time management and organisation are also important.

However, don’t underestimate the value of skills like creativity and innovation. Successful business students should be able to offer unique solutions to tricky problems, think on their feet, as well as have an affinity for innovation.

How to Succeed at Business School


Of course, there is no easy solution to succeeding at business school. However, these popular character traits for business can tell you if you are more likely to flourish during your studies.

If you don’t think you have these traits, don’t give up hope. You still might have the passion and motivation for a business career. If none of these traits sounds like you, though, you might want to rethink your career path.

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