Student review [56134] for IU International University of Applied Sciences

Student review [#56134 ] for Data Science
at IU International University of Applied Sciences

Bad Honnef, Germany
Data Science
3 months ago
A shady nightmare, once your case is special

I would like to express my serious concerns regarding my experiences at IU International University. I firmly believe that the university has violated my rights and bears legal responsibility for the following incidents:

Insufficient processing of my sabbatical semester request: Due to financial constraints, I paused my studies from July to December 2022 and was forced to apply for unemployment benefits. Since these benefits are not provided to students, I requested a sabbatical semester, which was initially approved. However, my subsequent request for the year 2023 was not approved in January as requested, due to a late submission. Typically, such requests are approved at the earliest possible opportunity, unless there are compelling reasons to deny them. In my case, there were no such reasons.

Technical error and failure to provide services: During a sabbatical semester, access to university services such as the dashboard and MyCampus is restricted, and the student’s payment obligations are suspended. However, I encountered a technical error that made it impossible for me to access the dashboard. Assuming that my sabbatical semester had been approved at the earliest possible opportunity, as is usually the case, I only realized the error three to four months later when I received invoices and reminders from the university. It is important to note that this technical error was on the university’s side, and the failure to provide services was a direct consequence of it.

Unclear responsibilities and lack of accountability: The university seems to lack clear structures and procedures for adequately addressing errors and complaints. I have found that responsibilities within the university are unclear, and there are no clear points of contact. Despite repeatedly describing my situation through phone calls and written communication, and being assured that a swift change to my study schedule would be made to accommodate my work as a working student, I was subjected to another expulsion without warning or prior notice, even though I had already terminated my studies in Business Administration. This is outrageous. The IU was aware of my situation for several weeks, and never was there any mention of also expelling me from my Data Science program. The first level support is not allowed to give names of responsible persons. All you can do is to wait. If I were the person, setting up a successfully working customer support I would be proud to be known by my name for that. That in the case of the IU nobody wants to be responsible at a higher level is a clear sign of something that is not quite good.

I want to emphasize that I will utilize every available channel to bring attention to my concerns and motivate IU International University to take action. I will exercise my rights and seek legal assistance to ensure that my concerns are adequately addressed. It is regrettable that this escalation has become necessary, but I feel compelled to protect my rights and stand up for a fair resolution. While I am open to being proven wrong regarding the positive reviews that IU has received, I expect IU International University to take responsibility and implement what they teach: good processes, a corporate culture, and customer orientation that align with the current state of time and science.

This situation has been a nightmare for me. I expect IU International University to take responsibility for these incidents and take appropriate measures to rectify the situation. I am willing to protect my rights and take all available legal steps to find a satisfactory solution.

Please be aware that I am writing this review as an expression of my dissatisfaction and determination. My goal is to highlight the urgent need for a resolution and ensure that my concerns are taken seriously.

Programme: Data Science
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2025
Career Prospects
Student Life
July 7, 2023
IU International University of Applied Sciences - Official response
IU International University of Applied Sciences - Official response
Official Reply

Dear Benito,

We are sorry to hear that your experience with us was not entirely satisfactory. Due to the lack of information provided, we have been unable to identify you on an individual basis to provide you with the support you require.

However, as we would like to investigate your case further and get to the bottom of the issue.

We kindly request that you send us an email to [email protected] so that we can start this process.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Your IU International University of Applied Sciences team

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