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Toulouse Business School vs Geneva Business School


Europe is full of universities and business schools, many of which are prestigious and much-sought-after institutions operating with years of experience. Here, we at EDUopinions have compared two of the best business schools in Europe, namely Toulouse Business School and Geneva Business School – two multi-campus, well-respected institutions of higher education focusing on business. Let’s see what we found!


Toulouse Business School

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What You Need to Know

Toulouse Business School’s EDUopinions page contains a total of 56 reviews left by students so far, and boasts quite an impressive average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Have a look at Toulouse Business School’s EDUopinions page.

The prestigious Toulouse Business School (TBS) educates over 5,000 students in various areas of business, management, and more, and through the languages English, French, and Spanish. It is among the top 1% of business schools. In addition to Toulouse, the school has another campus in France in Paris, in Barcelona, Spain, London, United Kingdom, and Casablanca in Morocco.

The school was founded in 1903 in Toulouse by the Chamber of Commerce and was one of the Grandes Écoles in France – prestigious institutes which accept only the best students in the relevant subject area.


Most Frequent Comments

There are a number of topics which appear frequently among TBS’s EDUopinions comments, one of which is students’ appraisal of the school’s Barcelona location. Students rave about its central base in such a beautiful and vibrant city. Following on from this subject, many students note how the campus is small and they like this fact as, despite its small size, the school boasts great facilities and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Toulouse Business School Review

A high number of TBS EDUopinions users also like the fact that the school gives its students the option to complete some time abroad – perhaps at another TBS campus. Additionally, students are also fans of the focus the school places on practical work because they feel adequately prepared for the world of work when they leave university.

Toulouse Business School Review 615


Some points of contention also appear in TBS’s EDUopinions comment section, one of the most commonly appearing being about teachers. While many students outline how much they like and admire the work their teachers did/do, a handful of others found some of their lecturers to not be of as high a standard as some others, sometimes due to their level of English.

A further point garnering mixed reviews is the organisation at the school – some describe it as good, while others find/found it confusing.

Finally, two other subjects brought up by students were that students would like to see the establishment of student associations on campus, as well as a cafeteria for students.


The Good

Impressively, most of Toulouse Business School’s frequent comments – as outlined above – are positive. Some other good points about the school, however, include: the internationalism on campus and free French lectures offered by the France-based school.


Toulouse Business School Review 517




Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School Logo

What You Need to Know

Geneva Business School was founded in 1995 as Institut de Formation de Gestionnaire de Patrimoine and its purpose was to train private bankers in Switzerland. The institution expanded its operations and in 2001 was renamed School of Finance. In 2010 the name was changed to the present title of Geneva Business School.

Today GBS offers programmes of study at bachelor, masters, and doctorate levels as well as conducting research.

On Geneva Business School (GBS)’s EDUopinions page you will find that so far 51 reviews have been left about the institution by students, amounting to an average rating of 4.4 stars. Take a look at GBS’s EDUopinions page for yourself!

Located in Geneva, Switzerland GBS also has campuses in Spain – specifically Barcelona and Madrid. The institution offers courses at bachelor, master, and doctorate levels, and maintains partnerships with universities on an international level. Geneva Business School – at least according to its students – seems to have well and truly earned its place at the top of the Swiss business school rankings.

As for studying at GBS, students have mentioned that you need to do a lot of work of your own accord if you wish to be successful at this business school.

Geneva Business School Review 458

Most Frequent Comments

Probably the most frequently-mentioned comment on GBS is how the school prepares students for the real world. Students feel that they learn practical information from informed, experienced teachers who also help them with making important decisions for life after business school. In addition to this, many students praise the many workshops put on by the school in helping them to be adequately ready for life in the real business world.

Geneva Business School Review 17

Unsurprisingly, the staff and management personnel at GBS are often praised too on EDUopinions. Students can tell that teachers care about their job and their students, and the school is evidently managed with Swiss efficiency.

Geneva Business School Review 77

Two further points about GBS featuring throughout the comment section are the school’s ‘ideal’ locations and the international presence on their campuses of students from all over the world.

Geneva Business School Review 163


The Good

Extremely impressively, practically all of the comments left on Geneva Business School’s EDUopinions page are positive.

Alongside the most frequent topics brought up by students as mentioned above, GBS students also express gratitude for the many events that take place at the school, the small class sizes, broad range of subjects from which to choose, and the social life and general atmosphere on campus. GBS appears to be a place where its students feel safe, happy, welcome, and content. The institution – according to its students – seems to have well and truly earned its place at the top of the Swiss business school rankings.



In Conclusion…

That brings us to the end of our comparison article on Toulouse Business School and Geneva Business School – so what did we discuss?

  • Two of Europe’s most prestigious business schools
  • Toulouse Business School (TBS) is a successful, well-established business with bases in its native France as well as other places in Europe and northern Africa
  • Students generally like attending TBS, one such reason is the school’s focus on practical work
  • Located in its native Switzerland as well as in Spain, Geneva Business School (GBS) is another successful European business school
  • Similarly to TBS, GBS students praise the school’s focus on practical work. Students also praise the GBS staff
  • Students seem to like life in general at GBS

What did you think of this piece? Please let us know by leaving a comment! In addition, if you have experience as a student at either of these prestigious European business schools, we would love to hear your story! You can leave a review about your time as a student on We can’t wait to hear your story!

Toulouse Business School – Scholarships and Financial Aid:

Thanks to partners, companies, past students, etc. who make donations to its foundation, Toulouse Business School is able to award a number of grants to selected students. Some students must be means-tested for their eligibility for a grant, depending on their programme of study. You can find out more about Toulouse Business School’s scholarships and grants here.


Geneva Business School – Scholarships and Financial Aid:

To find out about potential financial aid at GBS, you may visit their website where you have an option to contact the school with a question. Just scroll down to the end of the page.

You may also click here where you will find a web page about excellence scholarships offered to promote postgraduate-level international exchange research and study in Switzerland.

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