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The Pros and Cons of Studying in Montréal


Now that you have decided to study in Montreal, Canada you must be wondering how will the city treat you. Since you are going to Canada, of course, you can expect a lot of snow. But apart from the Montreal is known to be “Quebec’s Metropolis”. It’s a world-renowned metropolis city and if living in a nice urban area appeals to you, then Montreal can be a great place to live in. The people here are liberal, progressive and friendly. EDUopinions will now explore the pros and cons of studying in Montreal.

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Pros of studying in Montreal

A great place for art students

Montreal is all about arts. The local art scene is very vibrant and provides its residents with enormous amounts of art festivals and exhibitions. Artists performing on the metro stations, enormous graffiti walls and street arts are all a part of the culture at Montreal. Of course, you can always swing by the museums, galleries, historic sites.

Low rent

If you don’t find university hostels the best place to stay at, then you will be happy to know that the rents in Montreal are comparatively low. A one-bedroom apartment in Montreal can set you back by approx $960 per month. In Ottawa, the same downtown apartment will cost you roughly $1,150. Montreal has comparatively lower rents when compared to the other cities of Canada. If you look hard enough, you will also find some great deals in Montreal such as free rent for the first month or two!

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Mingle with people from other cultures

As an international student, you will feel at home in Canadian cities as a lot of students come here to study from all parts of the world. Montreal is a well-known place for welcoming immigrants from all parts of the world. Approximately one out of four students are not born-Canadians, in the three biggest universities of the city. No matter which part of the world you are, be assured that you will feel at home in Montreal. Plus the experience of mingling with students from other cultures will surely be a fun experience.

Cheap public transportation

The best part about the city is that it is well connected by the metro, hence there is no need to buy a car or rent a taxi at all times to travel within the city. The cost of monthly transit pass is comparatively lower than other cities which is why Montreal makes for a great place to stay for students. An adult monthly pass in Toronto currently costs $141.50, but in Montreal, that same pass is $83. The entire city is well connected by the metro, so that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about as a student.

Best educational institutes

Mostly, Montreal is full of international students as this city has some of the best universities in Canada. It has a great variety of pre-university, Bachelors and undergraduate and graduate programmes. Also, Masters and doctoral studies (PhDs) are available and highly-recommend in the city. Also, depending on the course you choose, you can also study in either French or English. They are many bilingual study options as well.

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Cons of Studying in Montreal

It’s a bilingual city

If you’re coming here to study from America, then just being fluent in the English language would do you no good. A lot of people speak in French and sometimes don’t even cater to people who only speak English. Not only is it difficult to get by without knowing French, but if you search for jobs here after graduation, then they will ask you to speak in French as well.

Cold winters

If cold weather is not your thing, then you should definitely reconsider before moving to Montreal. Montreal is famous to cruel and bitterly cold winters. The daytime temperature averages about -10 degrees Celsius in January, but the wind chills have been known to plunge below -30 degrees Celsius. The city can be a sleepy one from December to March.

Unreliable public transportation

Though we said that Montreal is very well connected by the metro, it is to be noted that delays in the metro are a common occurrence. Sometimes an entire subway can shut down for hours, even in the peak hours. Even taking the bus might not solve the problem, as the buses there are old and most of them are under repair at all times. Which means there are fewer buses on the road. That also means you might have to let two or three buses go by before one has enough room to stop for you.

Aside from the cons, there’s little that faults the city of Montreal. Not only will you get high-quality education here, but you can even work while studying in Canada. So that’s a great plus-point as that can help you get by. Lots of students even work in Canada after passing out of the university.

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